Obama impeachable for violating law


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A Florida-based conservative African American group known as National Black Republican Association has published a number of articles over the necessity of impeaching US President Barack Obama.

The group which associates itself with the Republican Party has criticized some of the Obama administration’s activities that have been supported by the GOP including the NSA spying programs, prosecution of whistleblowers, wiretapping of journalists, the torture program as well as the Benghazi cover-up.

“Obama is more than impeachable, for he has violated so many laws, just like his predecessor, George Bush, so this initiative to impeach Obama by the National Black Republican Association is sound, except that it is a partisan effort,” said Linh Dinh, an American writer and political analyst in an interview with Press TV’s US desk.

“These people identify themselves as Republicans, but the Republicans have no more respect for the Constitution than Obama does,” he added.

Dinh called for a “broad-based coalition of Americans” to work towards preparing the grounds for impeaching Obama, while insisting that the executive office must be held accountable, no matter who’s in power.

“A president cannot just start a war, for example, without congressional approval, or order anyone kidnapped, imprisoned or killed without due process. ”

Dinh argued that this “fundamental and structural problem” is not solved due to reluctance within US Democratic and Republican parties.

“Speaking about Bush, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Speaker, even said that impeachment was off the table, quote unquote, so if the Democratic leadership was unwilling to even consider impeaching Bush, who was clearly a war criminal and violator of the Constitution, it will not go along with impeaching Obama,” he went on to explain.

The American political analyst underlined that no politician is willing to fix country’s problem because they are making profit out of this “broken system”.

“Americans need to stop thinking of themselves as Republicans or Democrats, for both parties have colluded to destroy this country, and given time, they will even try to destroy the world. They have already wrecked much of the global economy.”

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