At the press conference today, Ed Henry of Fox News asked Obama about the reports that the White House is preventing through intimidation people from testifying about Benghazi. Obama was clueless about such reports saying he was unaware of them and he said he would look into it. Just like he looked into Benghazi



Most hazardous material on planet leaking at U.S. nuclear site


The private company that manages the radioactive waste tank farms at the Hanford Site ignored or missed numerous red flags over a 10-month period that showed a double-shell tank holding some of the worst waste was leaking.

Over much of that time, one Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) employee — Mike Geffre — continued to urge his superiors to take some sort of action.


American Taxpayers are Paying the bill for Afghan officials including Karzai


Top Afghan officials have been on the CIA’s payroll for over a decade, receiving tens of millions of US dollars in cash. Afghan President Hamid Karzai admitted to receiving the clandestine financial support, but dismissed the sum as a “small amount.”

A New York Times report has revealed that unparalleled corruption in the Afghan government has been encouraged by the US Central Intelligence Agency. Since the start of the decade-long war, CIA agents have delivered cash to Afghan officials in “suitcases, backpacks and, on occasion, plastic shopping bags.”

“We called it ‘ghost money,'” said Khalil Roman, President Hamid Karzai’s former chief of staff from 2002 to 2005, adding that it “came in secret, and it left in secret.” There is no evidence that President Karzai was a recipient of any of the money, as Afghan officials claim the cash was distributed by president’s National Security Council, the report said.
Some senior National Security Council officials have also been on the CIA’s payroll, and the payoffs have only increased over time: “We paid them to overthrow the Taliban,” a US official told the NYT.

Cash was also paid out to lesser Afghan politicians and officials reportedly connected to drug production and trafficking, those with alleged ties to the Taliban, and to insurgent warlords bribed not to interfere in covert operations. “They [CIA] will work with criminals if they think they have to,” a former US official said.

On Monday Afghan President Hamid Karzai Monday acknowledged his office had been receiving funds from the CIA over the past decade, but dismissed the monthly cash payments as “a small amount,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Yes, the office of the national security has been receiving support from the United States for the past 10 years,” the daily cites Karzai as telling reporters at a news briefing in Helsinki, Finland. “Monthly. Not a big amount. A small amount which has been used for various purposes,” he continued.

Karzai said the CIA funds had been used on “various, operational purposes of providing assistance to the wounded, the sick, to certain rents for houses, to all other purposes.”

Neither the CIA nor the US State Department commented on the report.

Once the invasion began in 2001 the CIA paid cash to buy the services of numerous warlords, one of whom was allegedly Afghanistan’s first vice president, Muhammad Qasim Fahim. Another Afghan official on the CIA payroll was President Karzai’s half-brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, who headed the anti-insurgent Kandahar Strike Force militia until he was assassinated in 2011.

By late 2002 the payments were being routed through the president’s office, allowing Karzai to buy off the warlords’ loyalty, a former presidential adviser told the NYT.

“The biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan, was the United States,” an anonymous US official said.

Adding to the apparently suspicious nature of the CIA bribery program in Afghanistan, the NYT said that the cash “does not appear to be subject to the oversight and restrictions placed on official American aid to the country or even the CIA’s formal assistance programs, like financing Afghan intelligence agencies.”

Political analyst and former Afghan MP, Daoud Soultanzoy, says a major problem with such covert transactions is that no one can really trace where the money goes. Consequently, it will be misspent and won’t bring the desired result for either the Afghans or the US.

“[Karzai] has not bought good things for the United States, who was paying for this. He has used [the money] in the wrong way, I’m sure, otherwise it should have produced better results, and that has not been the case. So the money is lost for a lost cause, I think,” Soultanzoy told RT.

But more importantly, the fabric of democracy and the already crumbling trust between Afghans and their leader will only take further hits when the government is implicated in precisely the kind of corrupt practices it has been trying to root out whilst the US occupied the country.

“The money that has found its way into the pockets of warlords and drug lords and will not leave a good impression in the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. I’m sure the United States, with all its apparatuses in this country, knows what’s going on… the people are distancing themselves from this government, this leadership, and their benefactors and sponsors,” Soultanzoy continued.

“In a country where all Europeans are emphasizing the rule of law, transparency and a war against corruption, it’s not a good example. Whether he admits it or not, anything that is not accountable, or you don’t have any paper trace for it — is not something we should be promoting in this country.”


Russian Passenger Plane Attacked In Syria Airspace


Targeting Russian passenger plane in Syrian airspace

The news agency quoted “Interfax” a source familiar with the Russian Russian
passenger plane was attacked in Syrian airspace Besaruchi the “Land – Joe”, but it did not hurt. The source confirmed on April 29 / April to the Syrian side informed the Russian authorities that two missiles of the type “Land – Joe” launched to the plane of the Russian company and exploded near them, and that the crew was able to change the line of its progress, and enforcement of the lives of the passengers. The source added that preliminary information indicates that the rockets were launched in the form of deliberate, but it is not yet known whether the attackers knew that the Russian plane. The source pointed out that the number of passengers on board passes away at 200, mostly tourists, were on their way back from an Egyptian resorts. The news agency quoted “ITAR – TASS” Russian for the Russian Federal Aviation Authority said the plane was attacked by returning to the company “Nord Winds” Russian. The Commission stated that the targeted plane in Syrian airspace during its journey from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to the city of Kazan in the Russian republic of Tatarstan. The agency quoted the source as saying that the members of the crew noticed the combat operations, “was, in their opinion, threatening the security of the plane.” The source added that the plane arrived in Kazan at the scheduled time.

http://arabic.rt.com/news/614272/ :روسيا اليوم

Tamerlan Tsarnaev trained at Georgia Terrorist Camp?



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Speculation emerges that one of the Boston bomb suspects could have been trained in Georgia – as the country’s Prime Minister admits there may have been militant camps on their soil.


Syrian capital Damascus rocked by another attack


The residents of al-Mezzeh district in Damascus once again woke up in the morning to the sound of two blasts. It turned out to be an assassination attempt to kill the Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi. The Syrian official was not hurt, but a number of his bodyguards were killed. Civilians were also reported to have lost their lives as a result. They condemned such attacks, expressing anger towards countries supporting foreign backed militants.

The Syrian prime minister condemned the attack saying it proves how bankrupt the foreign-backed militants and their supporters are in the face of the victories of the Syrian army. Al-Halaqi went directly after the explosion to head a meeting on the economic situation in Syria. The Prime Minister is also appointed as head of the ministerial committee assigned to conduct talks with all political forces in Syria in preparation of a hoped for national dialogue.

Though this time the explosions were aimed at targeting a Syrian official, civilians also suffered as a result. This is not the first time that Al-Mezzeh district in Damascus becomes a scene of blasts but Syrians insist such attempts can never break their unity.


China launches new Earth observation spy satellite


China successfully sent high-definition earth observation satellite “Gaofen-1” into space at 12:13 p.m. Beijing time on Friday, announced the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (SASTIND).

The mission was carried by a Long March-2D carrier rocket from northwest China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The rocket also carried three small satellites made by Ecuador, Argentina and Turkey as well as two satellite splitters from the Netherlands.

It is also the 19th launch of a Long March-2D, and the 175th of the Long March rocket series.

Developed by the China Academy of Space Technology, Gaofen-1 is the first of five or six satellites to be launched for the high-definition earth observation system (HDEOS) between 2011 and 2016.

The system could play an important role in disaster prevention and relief, climate change monitoring, geographical mapping, environment and resource surveying as well as precision agriculture.