Police brutality sparks outrage in Canada


The July 27th shooting was captured on video.

18-year-old Sammy Yatim originally from Syria was shot nine times and tasered inside an empty streetcar. He was later pronounced dead at a Toronto hospital.

Officer Constable Forcillio was the gunman, who was suspended with pay.

Not enough for the Yatim family or many in Toronto. Following the Incident, there has been public outrage concerning .police Brutality. several rallies have been held in which large numbers of people participated including the Yatim family– all calling for justice.

The Yatim family has publicly criticized the police force for its handling of the case.

Police say the night of the shooting they responded to a call about a disruptive passenger on a streetcar.

Eyewitnesses say Yatim ordered everyone to get off the
bus while holding a knife in one hand.

Other eyewitnesses say Yatim was noticeably unstable.

Yatims uncle told the media he has a history of mental illness.

The Toronto Police Service Board issued a statement concerning Yatims death in part saying…The Board shares the communities determination that Sammy Yatims death should not be in vain.

The Special Investigations Unit is investigating the case.

The Ontario Federation of Labor is demanding and independent investigation into police training.

Toronto police chief Bill Blair announced retired justice Dennis OConnor will assist in reviewing police practices. Watch video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYvtzSer0cM


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