Syrian army launching operation to clear key area near Damascus – YouTube

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The safety of Damascus makes it easy to forget how close the danger is to the Syrian capital.

These soldiers are stationed in Qabun area near Al-Abasyeen square— one of the main squares of Damascus that insurgents repeatedly tried to take. The last of these attempts was earlier this week on Saturday when insurgents attacked from Jobar hoping to take one of the main landmarks of Damascus.

Into the darkness of this deserted factory Syrian infantry are advancing, fully aware of the danger lurking behind every door.

With every meter they advance the soldiers push foreign back insurgents away from their capital in a battle that they will spare no effort to win.

These soldiers are providing coverage for their comrades as they advance more into the industrial zone of Al-Qabun, and the building that was once a shopping mall is now the hideout of militants and the target of Syrian army shells.

Many see this operation as a failure for the Syrian Army for allowing the insurgents to be this close to Damascus but for others it shows how desperate the insurgents must be to carry out an attack that can be called suicidal.

Insurgents attacked Damascus in an attempt to end the siege imposed on them by the Syrian Army but the army not only stopped the insurgents from attacking Damascus but is now launching a counter attack on them.

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Syrian army launching operation to clear key area near Damascus – YouTube.



Al-Alam Syria correspondent Shot in Homs


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Al-Alam correspondent in Syria Rua al-Ali has been wounded while accompanying the Syrian army advances in al-Khalidiya district of Homs city, al-Alam reports.

“Al-Ali was shot in her thigh on Saturday before being taken to a hospital where she undergoes a surgery,” director of al-Alam office in Damascus Hossain Mortada said.

Al-Ali was one of the most active al-Alam correspondents in recent days, covering the events in Syria especially in Homs.

The Syrian army forces now control half of the al-Khalidiya district of Homs after ousting foreign-backed militants in fierce fighting in the central Syrian city, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.

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Salafists gunmen blow up a mosque in eastern Syria

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In stanza photographer published by the group on the Internet showing the process of trapping one of the mosques in addition to Hussein, after stealing محتوياتهما and burn بداخلهما of copies of the Koran and religious books by elements of the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” affiliated with al Qaeda.

as the pictures show Cheers militants destroyed houses of worship, chanting shouts instant zoom blow up the place. The armed groups have attacked the houses of worship and holy sites in more than one area in Syria last month attacked the village Htalh and the appalling massacre claimed the lives of 28 civilians, including women and children, and three thousand were displaced citizen of the town for sectarian reasons.

On the other hand an armed terrorist group committed a massacre in the village cemetery west of the city of Al-Hasakah about 15 kilometers claimed the lives of seven people from the village.

A number of parents that the gunmen who executed seven people on the ground in retaliation for the residents of the village as a result of their rejection of the criminal acts which the gunmen accused in the countryside of Hasakah.

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Salafists gunmen blow up a mosque in eastern Syria – YouTube.


via Salafists gunmen blow up a mosque in eastern Syria – YouTube.

Insurgent commander killed in Aleppo and the army continue to take Homs Syria

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Syrian army killed Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah, known as “Captain Hammam” one of the military leaders of Nur al-Din Brigades, the armed Zanki’s “Free Army” and one of the leaders operations room Mansoura so-called Battle of Qadisiyah.

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Insurgent commander killed in Aleppo and the army continue to take Homs Syria – YouTube.

Syrian Army clash with Insurgents in the Yarmouk refugee camp

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  Yarmouk camp (world) -25/07/2013- the correspondent in Syria, said that military operations continue in the Yarmouk refugee camp south of the Syrian capital of the People’s Committees of the sons of the camp with the help of the Syrian army and armed groups, where the Palestinian popular committees achieved remarkable progress in defeating insurgents.

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Syrian Army clash with Insurgents in the Yarmouk refugee camp – YouTube.

Al-Nusra Front battle against PKK near Turkey-Syria border‎ +video


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As fighting continues between foreign-backed militants and Syrian troops, neighboring countries seem to be dragged into the confrontation. The Turkish government has been a key ally to al-Nusra Front fighting against the Syrian army.

In a new development the P-Y-D — a Syrian political branch of the P-K-K– has taken control of the town of Ras al-Ain on Syria’s northeastern border , from al-Nusra Front. The two engaged in battle with each other and some bullets that reached Turkish soil killed a boy.

However, members of the main Turkish opposition Party have said it is actually just the opposite and that Turkey seeks for any reason to start a ground invasion in Syria.

C-H-P Lawmaker Faruk Logoglu said on Friday that the AK Party is after foreign intervention in Syria and is trying, by any means, to create a de facto situation to that end.” He also accused the government of pursuing an unrealistic foreign policy and acting in a partisan way in the Syrian crisis. Directly referencing to al- Nusra front, Logoglu also urged “the A-K-P government to end the support for radical groups fighting the Syrian government. In a similar development, senior officials of the B-D-P, the political wing of the P-K-K, expressed similar comments and have sternly warned Ankara against its support for al-Nusra front.

In the mean time, the Turkish army has beefed up security at its borders with Syria and Turkish troops shot at P-Y-D fighters after two rocket-propelled grenades fired from Syria hit a border post on the Turkish side of the frontier.

The idea of the Syrian conflict spilling over into Turkey’s soil has reached somewhat a new level. Ankara and the Kurdistan’s Workers party reached a historic peace agreement in March. Now the P-K-K and the Al-Qaeda-linked Al Nusra front are at odds or even better to say AT WAR with each other.

The political wing of the P-K-K has said the fact that assailant gangs affiliated with the al-Nusra front are supported by Turkish government is quote ” increasing our concerns.” This, as several soldiers patrolling Turkey border with Syria have been wounded by unknown gunmen.

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‘Syrian refugees pose threat to Lebanon security’ +video

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After a series of bombings that hit Lebanon, many politicians consider hosting Syrian refugees as a threat to the country’s security.

Lebanese caretaker minister of Interior Marwan Charbel has said the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has reached one-point-two million. This as Marada Movement Leader MP Sleiman Franjieh has confirmed that 50,000 of these Syrians came in with arms.

Although many Syrians have fled the devastating living conditions in Syria seeking a safe haven, some are believed to have entered with an agenda to sabotage Lebanon.

While the Lebanese government claims to be monitoring areas where refugees are staying to prevent terrorist plots, experts find it necessary to control the Lebanese-Syrian border and build refugee camps to contain the deteriorating security situation.

Analysts however find the Lebanese government to be the weakest player on the regional political arena due to internal political divisions.

Fear of explosions and tension prevails among the Lebanese and Syrians living in Lebanon, as there is general agreement that the situation in Damascus directly impacts politics in neighboring Beirut.

Despite the worsening security situation due to the Syrian conflict spillover, the Lebanese government has to distinguish between Syrian refugees who are seeking a safe haven and those who are entering Lebanon on political missions.

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‘Syrian refugees pose threat to Lebanon security’ – YouTube.