Over 100 journalists killed in Pakistan since 9/11

Every now and then Pakistani journalists take to the streets because their reporting on human rights abuses has virtually led them to lose much of their own basic rights as citizens.

The World Press Freedom day reminds journalists that their struggle to report independently in Pakistan has cost them the lives of as many as 100 colleagues.

The political parties, the Taliban and particularly the military-run intelligence frequently target journalists who routinely receive intimidating calls. Many among them are kidnapped, tortured and killed with impunity. Not even in a single case, the assassins of journalists have been brought to justice.

Pakistan is reportedly the eighth worst spot for reporting in the world.

Only in one case, the government dared to prosecute the assassins of Wali Khan Babar, a television journalist. He was allegedly killed by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement or MQM, an ethnic Karachi based political party. The MQM is at the heart of allegations of killing six eye-witnesses one after the other apparently to prevent its involvement in his murder.