Snipers shoot at UN experts on way to chemical attack sites Syria


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Snipers in Syria have opened fire on a convoy of UN experts en route to visiting the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack near the capital, Damascus. Watch video


Al-Nushra Front to”Avenge East Gouta Blood “on Villages and civilians in Syria


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Al-nushra front has threatened to raid village by village killing the civilians in a revenge against accused syrian chemical attack in East Gouta
Front leader Abu Mohammed Joulani in an audio recording posted on the site “YouTube”, and “Twitter,” for what he called “a series of invasions of an eye for an eye.”

Joulani claimed that Syrian forces used chemical rockets in East Gouta, and claimed that the Syrian state has done so after taking the green light from the international system common to the crime, so he said.

He promised to “avenge for East Gouta blood, which is a religion in the necks of every Mujahid,” and said “we proceeded to punish Similarly, announced a series of attacks dubbed” an eye for an eye “on villages” Nusayris “.
Joulani indicated that each missile fell on the people of Syria will pay for it from the village villages “Nusayris”, in addition to the thousand another missile monitoring Metzam the armed group.
The Syrian government has accused the armed groups of using chemical weapons, and agreed with the United Nations to allow international inspectors to investigate allegations of insurgents, so as to detect false claims. watch video

▶ Syria will let UN inspectors probe chemical attack:Says Foreign Minister – YouTube


Syria will let UN inspectors probe chemical attack:Says Foreign Minister

Chemical attack in Syria yet to be confirmed: UN Security Council


The United Nations Security Council says it seeks clarity on the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government in an attack near Damascus.On Wednesday, the international body held a meeting behind closed doors regarding allegations of a pre-dawn attack on the eastern suburbs of the capital. Watch video

UN envoy accuses Israel of imposing collective punishment on Gazans

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UN envoy accuses Israel of imposing collective punishment on Gazans – YouTube.

The United Nations has accused Israel of imposing collective punishment on over 1.7 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

U-N human rights investigator Richard Falk says the viability of Gaza needs urgent attention and cannot be left to the mercies of continuing Israeli occupation. 

Tel-Aviv has kept the tiny coastal enclave under a choking naval, land and air blockade for several years allegedly for security reasons. 

The Palestinian NGO network, which represents over one hundred and thirty civil society organizations, has demanded that Israel be held accountable for its grave violations. 

Echoing the U-N human Rights statement, the Popular Committee against Siege has also accused Israel of causing unemployment among Gazans by preventing the entry of raw materials to factories in Gaza. 

The commercial crossing that is controlled by Israel allows only limited amounts of goods into the coastal territory. 

During various Israeli military aggressions on Gaza, hundreds of factories were either partially or fully destroyed resulting in thousands of workers losing their source of income. 

Some factories in Gaza are partially operating by using raw material brought in via underground tunnels with Egypt. 

Factories that once used to employ hundreds of workers are now able to hire just a handful due to lack of raw material and essential spare-parts for their machines. 

With the world turning a blind eye to Israeli human rights violations it remains to be seen if the blockade will be fully lifted anytime soon

Amid Israel’s crippling blockade of the coastal enclave, rights groups blame the international community for their silence on the ongoing suffering of the people in Gaza. 

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via UN envoy accuses Israel of imposing collective punishment on Gazans – YouTube.

Al-Qaeda cell producing Sarin Gas busted in Iraq


Iraq’s defense ministry has broken up an Al-Qaeda terror gang that was working to produce poison gas for their attacks within the country as well as in Europe and North America.

The group of five people built two facilities in Baghdad to produce sarin and mustard gas, using instructions from another Al-Qaeda group, ministry’s spokesman Mohammed al-Askari told a news conference on Saturday.

The members of the cell were prepared to launch attacks domestically, and also had a network to smuggle the toxins to neighboring countries, and further afield to Europe and North America, Askari said.

The arrest of the cell members was possible because of cooperation between Iraqi and foreign intelligence services, he added.

The United Nations said last month that sarin nerve gas was used by militants fighting against the government in neighboring Syria.

Iraq and Syria share a 600-kilometre (375-mile) border, and officials have warned that Al-Qaeda-linked militants opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the government in Baghdad have set up camp in Iraq’s western desert region.

Al-Qaeda front group the Islamic State of Iraq is still active in the country, launching regular attacks on government and civilian targets.

So far, the group has largely refrained from waging violence outside Iraq, but earlier this year it publicly said it was linked to al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front, an extremist group fighting the Mr. Assad’s government.

UN to review Canada’s human rights record


Canadian Aboriginals are hopeful if parliament won’t listen, then maybe the UN will, and with it the whole world. After decades of fighting for the truth to be revealed surrounding the mistreatment of aboriginals, the United Nations rights of indigenous peoples, the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against women, and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will be coming to Canada investigating first nations’ living conditions, educational system, healthcare and much more.

Parliament has agreed to appoint a Special Committee for missing and murdered aboriginal women, but so far has not met the demand for a national public inquiry, even while most provinces recently have.

Concerning aboriginals, already the Canadian government says it stands by its record on human rights and insists transparency exists.

According to the census, Aboriginals in Canada account for more than a million Canadians. Government records also say a large portion of Canadian aboriginals live in overcrowded homes and are two times more likely to experience a violent crime than non-aboriginals.

Other countries have also asked Canada to address the living conditions of aboriginal people. For the past few months Canadian aboriginals have banned together for the grassroots movement Idle No More, confronting the government on rewriting history, abusive treatment of aboriginals and the land.

It was recently revealed by an official watchdog that aboriginals in Canadian prisons are rising at an alarming rate, and the prison service is not taking care of indigenous inmates properly, the UN’s investigation is expected to be revealed next year.