UK, allies escalate aggression against Syria

With talk of impending war against Syria, all eyes are on the British government and how they, along with their allies, will act next.

Russia has sternly warned Britain and the US against attacking Syria, with president Vladimir Putin warning of catastrophic consequences if they follow through.


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Prime Minister David Cameron cut short a holiday and returned to London in order to prepare for a meeting on Wednesday with the UK’s National Security Council.

Britain has already been heavily supportive of the militants fighting the Syrian government, but with little success to show for it, they are now looking to escalate the crisis in order to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

Cameron gave an interview Tuesday saying that it was a developing situation but that the UK shouldn’t stand by. He confessed that he couldn’t be 100% certain that the Syrian govt used the weapons but claimed that Damascus had used them before and said that the militants didn’t have the capability or motive to use them. He also made a startling claim that this wasn’t about the Syrian conflict or Middle East but deterring the use of chemical weapons in the future.

And following huge pressure from MPs from all three major parties to let parliament debate the prospect of attacking Syria, the prime minister recalled parliament for an emergency session to be held on Thursday.

Thursday’s Commons vote on the issue won’t be legally binding. MPs are worried about the consequences of military intervention and with the public still angry about the lies, which led to the invasion of Iraq, public opinion is firmly against any British involvement in Syria.

Ahead of the debate in parliament, David Cameron is gambling that MPs will agree with his assessment that the Syrian government was responsible for the attack in Ghouta near Damascus. If they don’t and he launches an attack anyway it would be an extraordinary flouting of Parliament’s authority and a complete disregard of the British public’s mood.

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Syria Victory In Kenitra Sabri Da’as Rebel Leader Killed


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Damascus (world) -20/06/2013- the stressed world news channel reporter Mazen Salmo Syrian forces engaged in fierce clashes with armed groups in regions Alveabih and Husseiniya in the southern Damascus to cleanse these areas are considered figs with Seadlah which was released yesterday conduit for military supplies and logistics for insurgents, he said, adding that the Syrian forces seized control of the western mountains in the area of ​​the hill capital Brive.
Our correspondent says a little while ago in a news bulletin on Thursday evening: forces continued Syrian military operations in the southern districts of rural capital, Damascus, after full control of the area Seadlah nearby area of ​​Sayeda Zeinab peace be upon her, especially as they were considered a center for firing mortar shells shrine Sayeda Zeinab them peace.
He correspondent world: focused operations today in Alveabih and Husseiniya, where Dart violent clashes between Syrian troops and insurgents, and spoke sources, including the sources of opposition and killed dozens of militants, and the destruction of a number of headquarters of the armed groups, while the army advanced in these areas.
He pointed out that, according to military sources goal of this process carried out by Syrian troops in the southern axis of the capital Damascus is cracking down on militants from the back and cut military supply route connecting to some adjacent areas of the capital Damascus.
Our correspondent also pointed out that the Syrian forces seized control of the western mountains in the hill capital countryside, there was also targeted to Tgmahat insurgents west shrine Ms. Sakina Rural Damascus.
He continued: In Quneitra called Sabri Da’as killed the leader of the Front victory and others were arrested, according to military sources.
He explained colleague Mazen Salmo he and countryside of Aleppo continues Syrian forces military operations in the rural north, and spoke sources violent clashes took place between Syrian forces and armed groups in the area of orchard Basha and Bustan Palace, as has been the destruction of a number of military headquarters of the armed groups.

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