Israel fires missile into Syria


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According to the Israeli military, the mortars, which exploded in a field, caused no damage or injuries. It also said it was likely stray fire. The UN has been informed of the mortar landings.

Dozens of errant mortar shells have landed in the Israeli territory since the Syria unrest began in 2011. Israel has filed a complaint with the UN peacekeeping forces in the Golan, asking them to end the cross-border shelling. Israel has also shot back occasional missiles at Syrian army positions in response to errant mortar fire.

Last month, Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Moshe Ya’alon warned that Israel will not hesitate to respond to fire with fire. “Once attacks from Syria endanger us or violate our sovereignty, we will identify the source of fire and destroy it,” Ya’alon said.

The occupied Golan has been tense since the beginning of the conflict in Syria more than two years ago, and clashes behind the cease-fire line have prompted an occasional Israeli response every now and then. Israel has been technically at war with Syria, since the 1967 Six-Day War and it seems that Tel Aviv is fighting a proxy war inside Syria using the insurgents. Watch video


Report unveils Israel-Argentina secret nuclear deal


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If you would get to know that Israel launched a secret plan to develop nuclear weapons under the strict protection of the United States, shouldn’t you wonder why Washington then pressures countries like Iran that has continuously worked to demonstrate the peaceful nature of its nuclear energy program?

What if you learn Tel Aviv got the uranium from Argentina which has moved towards a new stance in relations with Tehran?

An investigation published by the online magazine Foreign Policy indeed shows how the US and Israel bought over 80-100 tons of uranium oxide or “yellow cake” from the South American nation back in the 60´s in order to fuel its Dimona reactor and produce plutonium that can be used for weapons development. Based on recently declassified US intelligence documents, the report also describes how the US confirmed the information and kept silent about it.

For the Argentine journalist and expert on geopolitical affairs Mr.
Carlos Aznarez, the answer starts with one firm conviction: “It is not the US that rules Israel, it is Israel that rules the US”.

The double standard of the White House over Israel also gets clear in the political arena. While the US denounces, opposes any single country with ambitions of progress, these intelligent reports clearly show to the international community that Washington has actually been fully aware for almost 50 years about the always-denied development of nuclear a weapons program by Israel and turned a blind eye because of its ever greedy economic and geopolitical concerns.

The then administration of Argentina took all the necessary precautionary measures to avoid the misuse of the yellowcake by signing a clear and specific agreement with Tel Aviv on the pacific purpose of the sale; however Israel breached that commitment finally and used the nuclear material for its goals.

The current government of Argentina has made yet no official comments on the 1964 yellow cake transaction, although a big part of the international community is eagerly waiting for those statements.

The report that unveiled Israel’s secret uranium purchase from
Argentina also says that Britain and Canada were fully aware of Tel Aviv’s nuclear ambitions. Israel has kept its Dimona reactor’s information highly classified since the facility became operational 50 years ago.

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Israel approves settlement expansion on Palestinian lands


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Israel has approved 69 new settlements in East Jerusalem al Quds.
The new plan seeks to expand the Har Homar Israeli settlement. However, Palestinian activist Daoud Hamoude says the move is part of a bigger plan to annex all settlements from the North of the West Bank to the E1 area in Bethlehem, ultimately turning the West Bank into a string of Palestinian ghettos.

Jamal Jumaa of the Stop the Wall also told Press TV that Tel Aviv has no interest in peace talks and will not cease settlement activities under any conditions.

The Palestinian activist also says he has serious doubts about the future of talks between the Palestinian Authority and Tel Aviv.

Har Homa is an illegal settlement south of Jerusalem al-Quds, occupied by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War. The international community doesn’t recognize the settlement because it goes against international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

John Kerry’s optimism concerning the so-called peace-talks is being mocked by Israel through their acceleration in settlement expansion and the largest ethnic cleansing policy in the south of Israel, both acts violating the demands to re enter negotiations.

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Egypt’s renewed crackdown on border tunnels making life difficult for Gazans


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Egypt’s renewed crackdown on tunnels on its border with Gaza is causing a severe shortage in gasoline in the coastal enclave. People in the Gaza strip are now going through a lot of difficulty to secure fuel for their motor vehicles.

Most gas stations in this tiny coastal enclave are either closed or partially operating. Motorists can be seen waiting many hours for their turn to reach the pump and fill their cars

Long hours of power outages have also forced people young and old to queue for long hours to fill canisters of gasoline to use in their small electrical generators.

Fuel importers blamed the lack of fuel on the unstable security situation on the Egyptian side of the border.

People in the Gaza Strip have been grappling with fuel and power shortages and this new situation is not making their lives any easier.

Tunnels have for long been considered as a life -line for Gazans who have been under a choking Israeli blockade for several years.

With the renewed restrictions on fuel supplies some Palestinians in Gaza say they feel abandoned by their Egyptian neighbors.

Gazans have been struggling under the Israeli blockade for several years, now people here say that the Egyptian crackdown on tunnels will only make things worse.

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Israel use banned weapons against Gazans


Reports by human rights organizations show that during the past years Israeli forces used drones, internationally banned weapons and other unknown substances during their attacks on the people of Gaza.

Banned weapons such as DIME which stand for Dense Inert Metal Explosives were first used against Gaza by Israeli forces in the summer of 2006.

DIME munitions result in a high proportion of amputations particularly legs.

Press TV spoke to a Gazan victim who now uses prosthetic limbs to walk.

A recent documentary film called the LAB by British Israeli director Yotam Feldman explores how Israeli weapons, military technology and know-how became more valuable because they have been field-tested in its wars and combat against Gaza.

During the last few years Israeli security exports reached an unprecedented level of seven billion U.S dollars a year making Tel-Aviv the fourth biggest military exporter in the world.

Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights who has been documenting Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip for many years said Israel’s use of experimental and non-conventional weapons in the Gaza Strip is a premeditated war crime.

People here say they left at the mercy of Israeli practices as the international community watches in apathy.

According to experts the whole Gaza population and its environment, will suffer for many generations due to Israel’s testing of weapons in this tiny coastal enclave.

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UN envoy accuses Israel of imposing collective punishment on Gazans

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UN envoy accuses Israel of imposing collective punishment on Gazans – YouTube.

The United Nations has accused Israel of imposing collective punishment on over 1.7 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

U-N human rights investigator Richard Falk says the viability of Gaza needs urgent attention and cannot be left to the mercies of continuing Israeli occupation. 

Tel-Aviv has kept the tiny coastal enclave under a choking naval, land and air blockade for several years allegedly for security reasons. 

The Palestinian NGO network, which represents over one hundred and thirty civil society organizations, has demanded that Israel be held accountable for its grave violations. 

Echoing the U-N human Rights statement, the Popular Committee against Siege has also accused Israel of causing unemployment among Gazans by preventing the entry of raw materials to factories in Gaza. 

The commercial crossing that is controlled by Israel allows only limited amounts of goods into the coastal territory. 

During various Israeli military aggressions on Gaza, hundreds of factories were either partially or fully destroyed resulting in thousands of workers losing their source of income. 

Some factories in Gaza are partially operating by using raw material brought in via underground tunnels with Egypt. 

Factories that once used to employ hundreds of workers are now able to hire just a handful due to lack of raw material and essential spare-parts for their machines. 

With the world turning a blind eye to Israeli human rights violations it remains to be seen if the blockade will be fully lifted anytime soon

Amid Israel’s crippling blockade of the coastal enclave, rights groups blame the international community for their silence on the ongoing suffering of the people in Gaza. 

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Mass grave of Palestinians killed by Israel in 1948 found


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Six mass graves have been found in a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv. The graves date back to the 1948 Israeli war on the original residents of Palestinian lands.

They contain remains of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces. The bodies — belonging to men, women and children — were found during construction work on the cemetery.

Palestinian media expert, Nasser al-Laham says that the bodies were buried with no ethics on part of the Israelis and that they uncover the war crimes committed by Israeli forces in 1948.

The majority of those buried were killed during heavy shelling in the area and the bodies were buried contrary to Muslim tradition.

A Jaffa fisherman — now 80 years old — has reportedly said that during the final months of the 1948 war he had helped collect the Arab dead in an area south of Jaffa. The fisherman said he had been a teenager at that time and he had brought the bodies for hasty burial in the cemetery.

The unmarked graves recovered from the site expose Israel’s war crimes. Tel Aviv now is denying the families of the victims the courtesy to give them a Muslim burial.

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