Nasrallah blames Takfiri groups for deadly Beirut car bomb attack


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Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has blamed Takfiri groups for a car bomb attack which left 24 people dead in southern Beirut.Addressing thousands of Hezbollah supporters on the occasion of the end of the group’s 33-day 2006 war with Israel in the southern village of Aita al-Shaab, Nasrallah said on Friday that according to investigations carried out by the resistance movement, Takfiri groups are behind the recent deadly attacks in Lebanon. Watch video.


Israel reportedly preparing for war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah Movement – YouTube


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Israeli forces have just ended a full-scale combat drill mobilizing troops to an area in the Northern Occupied Palestinian territories.

The drills included tanks, artillery units as well as Sky Rider Units made up of Artillery Corps soldiers who operate drones to back up ground offensives. 

This drill comes as Israeli officials are watching with grave concern the improvement of Hezbollah’s military proficiency which was demonstrated in the resistance group’s battle against foreign-backed Takfiri militants in Syria. 

According to Israeli officials the Lebanese Resistance Movement has learned to operate on large ground frameworks, and its fighters have become dexterous in the use of advanced weapons. The movement has also proved that it is capable of carrying out a systematic ground campaign displaying a military-like approach. 

All this has led the chief of the Israeli regime’s artillery force to admit that “Hezbollah’s involvement in the war on Syria has not disrupted its preparedness for a war with Israel but has rather bolstered its defense capabilities.” 

According to some recent Israeli reports, any future attack on Lebanon will see Hezbollah inflicting large-scale devastation on the Israeli regime and its infrastructure. 

Israelis believe that Hezbollah is capable of firing 1200 rockets of different models on Occupied Palestinian territories every day if violence erupts. It’s also said that the resistance movement has the ability to target Israeli oil and gas facilities in case of a war. 

Hezbollah Secretary General – Sayyed Hassan Nasr-Allah – had repeatedly said that the resistanec group is capable of going beyond enemy lines and seizing strategic areas within the Occupied Palestinian territories. 

Though tensions seem to be simmering on both sides of the blue line, observers argue that the Israeli regime’s belief in a blitz that will render it victorious is out of the question at the moment. The Israeli regime sees Hezbollah’s might as a deterrent force holding it back.

via Israel reportedly preparing for war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah Movement – YouTube.

Militants’ torture rooms in Syria


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The Syrian army said Sunday that it recaptured 70 percent of the district after fierce fighting with insurgents in the area.
They also found tunnels that militants used for different purposes. Some of the tunnels had rooms fitted with special devices for torture and execution. The militants had also built a lab for developing bombs.
A Syrian army commander told Al Alam that many insurgents speak with a foreign accent.
Latest reports indicate that the Syrian army is making progress in its operation to retake control of the western city of Homs.
Syrian forces on Saturday advanced into some areas of the city including Qusour, Jouret al-Shayah and Khaldiyeh, as well as some parts of Old Homs.
The army has eliminated a large number of terrorists and dismantled explosive devices in the operation.
Meanwhile, Syrian troops have also fighting foreign-backed Takfiri militants on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus.

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Lebanese Army finds secret Takfiri tunnels in Sidon

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The Lebanese Army finds tunnels in Sidon. The tunnels connect several buildings controlled by supporters of Takfiri cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir. This comes as the Lebanese troops are also going ahead with their mop-up operation following fierce clashes with the armed followers of Sheikh Assir. The Army is reported to be in full control of the city and the troops have seized control of the radical cleric’s base.

The Lebanese troops have also seized rocket launchers, machineguns and military uniforms inside the base. They are still searching for the radical cleric, who’s a staunch supporter of Takfiri insurgents fighting the Syrian government. Some analysts say the battle has been a major blow to the takfiris, others have a different idea.

Lebanon’s Army has pledged to fight until it ‘finishes with’ the radical cleric. He is believed to have hundreds of armed supporters in Sidon involved in the fighting.

Experts say, although Salafist groups have put a lot of energy and money into fueling the Shia-Sunni strife in Lebanon, whether or not they manage to pursue their ambitious plan remains to be unseen.


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McCain-militants meeting sparks controversy in Lebanon


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US Senator John McCain posing alongside insurgents in Syria!During his recent illegal trip to Syria from Turkey’s “Bab Al-Salameh” border crossing, Senator McCain met with militants that he described as quote “brave fighters who need our help”.

However, two of the insurgents McCain shared his photo op with were identified by freed Lebanese hostages to be members of the notorious – “Northern-Storm Brigade” – a group implicated over the abduction of nine Lebanese Shia pilgrims more than a year ago.

According to McCain’s spokesman Brian Rogers, the Senator was unaware with whom he was posing.

Nonetheless the families of the abducted pilgrims and Human Rights proponents say it’s very unlikely that the high-ranking American official was unaware, as he claimed.

Some reports have come out stating that the Senator met with the kidnappers to halt the release of all or some of the abductees, accusing them of affiliation to the Lebanese Resistance Movement, Hezbollah.”

Senator McCain has often criticized US President “Barack Obama” for failing to provide military aid for Takfiri exremists fighting the Syrian government.

During his recent illegal entry into Syria, the senior US lawmaker met with top commanders of the foreign-backed militants.

According to the Los Angeles Times the insurgents called on the US Senator to provide them with “heavy weapons, set up a no-fly zone in Syria, and conduct airstrikes against the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah”.

Observers have interpreted the US official’s visit as another example of double-standards practiced by the United States; doubting its intentions of working out a political solution in Syria.

Senator Mccain, who has been an outspoken supporter of armed terrorist groups in Syria has justified his meeting with the kidnappers of the 9 Lebanese pilgrims by claiming he was unaware of the identity of those he was visiting. The families of the pilgrims however have labeled these claims as absurd while stressing that the American lawmaker’s link to the kidnappers is a scandal by all means.

Hezbollah vows to stand by Syrian people


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A much anticipated speech for Hezbollah secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah. After escalated accusations that Hezbollah is fighting alongside the Syrian government Nasrallah described the media hype about the numbers of Hezbollah fighters being killed in Syria as lies. He reiterated that the movement was providing assistance to Lebanese who live in border villages in Syrian territory against attacks by armed groups. However he clearly implied that Hezbollah, along with other sides could get more involved in Syria if some dramatic developments took place. His words appeared addressed to both the Syrian opposition and foreign powers, amid the calls for foreign military intervention over alleged use of chemical weapons

Nasrallah did say that the shrine of Sayyeda Zainab in Damascus was being protected, without mentioning who was providing such protection against the Takfiri groups. Sayyeda Zainab is the granddaughter of Prophet Mohammad and her shrine is considered sacred particularly to Shiite Muslims. Hence, Hezbollah’s leader cautioned that any attack on the shrine could repeat the Iraqi scenario when the holy shrine in Samaraa was attacked. That attack ignited sectarian Sunni Shiite strife and almost led to civil war. Such strife is something Hezbollah has long been trying to prevent.

Nasrallah also warned that the continuation of the Syrian crisis threatens the Palestinian cause, saying that this cause was on the verge of annihilation. He again said that the Syrian crisis serves Israel’s interests, but warned that Hezbollah was ready more than ever before to face Israel despite this crsis.

Israel has deployed thousands of troops near the border with Lebanon for military drills. Israeli military officials however stated that these drills are not related to regional developments

Hezbollah’s leader has made it clear that he views the crisis in Syria as part of a broader plot which also targets Hezbollah itself. And therefore Sayyed Hasan sent a clear message that it would stop at nothing to prevent the fall of the Syrian government by military means , including foreign intervention.As such a scenario would mean victory for Hezbollah’s arch rival Israel