Syrian army approaching for major decisive battle in Aleppo – YouTube

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Media sources confirmed that the Syrian army approached the major decisive battle in Aleppo, as addressed by the army in Damascus attempts to infiltration of militants from the Khan el-Sheikh groves towards the town of Drousha.

And continue the Syrian army military operations around the countryside south-west of the capital Damascus, which extends from the Lebanese border to the city of cladding.

has toured camera channel world news in the town of Drousha in Damascus and controlled by the Syrian army, having cleaned of armed groups who have fled towards the orchards Khan Wormwood.

said colonel in the Syrian army who was with our correspondent: that this axis is the axis of movement of a major armed and up between sectors, palaces and other areas parallel here that are Darkhbayh extended toward the cladding and that our response to the terrorist elements here spare them the link between these two axes and led to the cessation of supplies them and destroy them completely.

has approached the team channel world news to the demarcation lines first with insurgents in the orchards surrounding this town and stretching towards the town of Khan wormwood as insurgents try every day sneak around the town and the edge of the capital, Damascus,

said Syrian troops with our correspondent: the gunmen trying to sneak in every night of this region, but their attempts were in vain and we are ready for any attack.

said another soldier in a similar statement: Our mission is to deal with the terrorists from farms Khan wormwood to Drousha It will Ndharham to the last inch of Syria.

appear to the effects of the clashes between the Syrian army and the insurgents and clear the buildings of the town.

Syrian army approaching for major decisive battle in Aleppo – YouTube.

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Fighting raging on in Jobar suburb of Damascus Syria


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Here is Jobar — the scene of the most ferocious clashes in suburb of Syria’s capital Damascus. Press TV team headed to the frontline of the battle there where heavy fighting is taking place on a daily basis. Through the deserted factories, we reached the line that separates the army and insurgents. Here the army’s strategy and plans are implemented on ground.

This is the Syrian army’s main command center in Jobar. The army commanders are directing troops on ground in operations to push back foreign-backed militants who are trying to infiltrate into Damascus from Jobar.

Troops on the ground are controlled from a high building by the colonels in charge of the tanks and the infantry. Those Army colonels located the militants hiding in a building only 20 meters away from the command center. Orders to strike and then the battle flares up.

The are home to factories, which is witnessing the confrontations is strategic for both sides as it separates Jobar from al-Abbasiyeen square and the city center. Syrian soldiers said they would never allow insurgents cross this line.

If the army had not imposed this particular security belt, militants would have entered deeper into Damascus, as the main aim for them is to occupy Jobar to prepare ground for more gains. The once-calm residential parts of Damascus including this one have now literary become a warzone. Both sides of the conflict are striving to win the battle that many see as a determining factor for whole Middle East region

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Syrian army foils insurgents plot to attack Damascus


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The battles might have ended here but the work of the soldiers isn’t!

In this remote location on the outskirts of Qatana the main city in the south western countryside of Damascus, the insurgents’ plan to impose a siege on the Syrian capital faced a dead end.

We escorted units of the Syrian army and military security as they carried out search operations in the fields they cleared from insurgents.

The Syrian army’s stationed units near Qatana took preemptive strikes against insurgents, seizing many of their hideouts before they can move out of it, like this bunkered room under the ground.

Qatana city was one of the strong-points for the foreign backed militants for many reasons ; it’s geographic location near Lebanese borders, its proximity to Damascus and the fact that it was one of the first cities to witness antigovernment protests. All that combined with the huge area of fields surrounding it which was a great natural hideout, made the military’s mission here extremely difficult.

Villagers know that rooms like this one is used to store grains that farmers would get out of their lands but this room was used for a different purpose, if you take a look at this hole right here it was used to store weapons and because the walls are easy to come off the insurgents used to store weapons inside these walls this one here and the one over there and when the army stormed this place it found this weapons storage.

The soldiers are on the lookout for anything suspicious, because nothing is what it seems to be at this time of war. No house is left unchecked even empty ones and no stone unturned.

One of the main factors of the success of the Syrian army in maintaining control over this area is the good relation it has with the local community, in his daily patrols the commanding officer checks not only on his troops but also on the residents.

The success of Army operations in places like Qatana gives a good example to be followed in the future, maintaining stability in former insurgent’s strongholds through vigilance and work with the local community.

This is what is left of the insurgent’s main command center in Qatana area the Syrian army is moving ahead from this area to complete its operation here.

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Syrian army launching operation to clear key area near Damascus – YouTube

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The safety of Damascus makes it easy to forget how close the danger is to the Syrian capital.

These soldiers are stationed in Qabun area near Al-Abasyeen square— one of the main squares of Damascus that insurgents repeatedly tried to take. The last of these attempts was earlier this week on Saturday when insurgents attacked from Jobar hoping to take one of the main landmarks of Damascus.

Into the darkness of this deserted factory Syrian infantry are advancing, fully aware of the danger lurking behind every door.

With every meter they advance the soldiers push foreign back insurgents away from their capital in a battle that they will spare no effort to win.

These soldiers are providing coverage for their comrades as they advance more into the industrial zone of Al-Qabun, and the building that was once a shopping mall is now the hideout of militants and the target of Syrian army shells.

Many see this operation as a failure for the Syrian Army for allowing the insurgents to be this close to Damascus but for others it shows how desperate the insurgents must be to carry out an attack that can be called suicidal.

Insurgents attacked Damascus in an attempt to end the siege imposed on them by the Syrian Army but the army not only stopped the insurgents from attacking Damascus but is now launching a counter attack on them.

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Syrian army launching operation to clear key area near Damascus – YouTube.


Army cleanse areas in Rural Damascus Syria


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Syrian army took control of the Ein Issa village after the elimination of armed groups that were holed up inside, and in the Damascus army restored control of the endosperm in the Barzeh district after fierce battles with insurgents. In the meantime, a helicopter was shot down by armed groups over the village nobility Aleppo countryside was transporting teachers to conduct examinations for students of the Preparatory certificate.

Syrian army engaged in fierce battles against armed groups Brive capital, Damascus, amid significant progress to its military units in other Syrian cities.
Official sources confirmed Syrian forces control the area of ​​Ain Issa in tenderness after the elimination of militants Front victory that resides heavily in this civil.
He said one of the elements of the Syrian army to World News Channel correspondent: “We want to continue military operations to eliminate all terrorist groups on the ground, the Syrian military operations on the ground experiencing excellent progress.”
Syrian forces stepped up its military campaign in the old neighborhoods of Homs Khalidiya, where the army has tightened according to the sources of local control over the number of buildings that were stationed armed groups in Bab Hood after the elimination of dozens of militants and confiscated weapons and ammunition.
In Damascus able to surprise ground troops with artillery armed groups to one of the military headquarters that were stationed inside near the of saws roundabout in Jobar.
He said one of the elements of the Syrian army to our correspondent: “I tried targeting the armed group here in the barrier Jobar, Our work ambush them and killed more than seventy insurgents.”
As well as the Syrian army and achieved according to military sources in the neighborhood of Barzeh progress, which dominated the lane endosperm, as well as the discovery of a workshop for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices, also enables the elimination of the armed group تحصنت in Harasta on the northern axis.
He said one of the elements of the Syrian army to our correspondent: “These tunnels were used by insurgents, We controlled it and killed dozens of them, and we are moving towards forward and نلاقي the many tunnels.”
Amid this progress of Syrian troops armed groups targeted by a missile Thermal state helicopter over the city of Aleppo countryside nobility was transporting teaching staff of the Directorate of Education to conduct examinations for students of the Preparatory certificate.
In the Western powers and preoccupation the international political بالتناحر and send more arms to fight the Syrian people, preoccupied with the Syrian forces to the implementation of the primary task entrusted to them to pursue armed groups and eliminate them in all Syrian cities to maintain the unity of the country and restore stability for the whole of the Syrians.

Syria Victory In Kenitra Sabri Da’as Rebel Leader Killed


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Damascus (world) -20/06/2013- the stressed world news channel reporter Mazen Salmo Syrian forces engaged in fierce clashes with armed groups in regions Alveabih and Husseiniya in the southern Damascus to cleanse these areas are considered figs with Seadlah which was released yesterday conduit for military supplies and logistics for insurgents, he said, adding that the Syrian forces seized control of the western mountains in the area of ​​the hill capital Brive.
Our correspondent says a little while ago in a news bulletin on Thursday evening: forces continued Syrian military operations in the southern districts of rural capital, Damascus, after full control of the area Seadlah nearby area of ​​Sayeda Zeinab peace be upon her, especially as they were considered a center for firing mortar shells shrine Sayeda Zeinab them peace.
He correspondent world: focused operations today in Alveabih and Husseiniya, where Dart violent clashes between Syrian troops and insurgents, and spoke sources, including the sources of opposition and killed dozens of militants, and the destruction of a number of headquarters of the armed groups, while the army advanced in these areas.
He pointed out that, according to military sources goal of this process carried out by Syrian troops in the southern axis of the capital Damascus is cracking down on militants from the back and cut military supply route connecting to some adjacent areas of the capital Damascus.
Our correspondent also pointed out that the Syrian forces seized control of the western mountains in the hill capital countryside, there was also targeted to Tgmahat insurgents west shrine Ms. Sakina Rural Damascus.
He continued: In Quneitra called Sabri Da’as killed the leader of the Front victory and others were arrested, according to military sources.
He explained colleague Mazen Salmo he and countryside of Aleppo continues Syrian forces military operations in the rural north, and spoke sources violent clashes took place between Syrian forces and armed groups in the area of orchard Basha and Bustan Palace, as has been the destruction of a number of military headquarters of the armed groups.

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Syrian army fighting to clear Aleppo from insurgents


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The Syrian army’s military operation goes on in the countryside of the northern city of Aleppo with big aims on agenda – The army’s campaign on foreign-backed insurgents in Aleppo is considered as one of the largest military operations carried out by the Syrian government forces.

The army’s military operation is conducted in two areas; the first is the southern countryside of Aleppo and the second is in the northern countryside of the city. While the operation in south will secure the Syrian Army’s supply routes to Aleppo and northern Syria, the campaign in northern parts of Aleppo aims mainly at cutting off insurgents’ supply lines. 

The level of complication & precision needed for the Syrian army’s operation in northern Aleppo is very high because of the vast area to be covered, proximity to Turkish border and difficulty of terrain that combines urban and hillside fighting. 

We are in an artillery post for the Syrian army where the army is shelling to provide fire coverage for its troops who are still inside one of the locations in Ashuihena hill. 

If the Syrian army manages to clear the countryside of Aleppo, the whole situation in Syria will change drastically. – See more at:

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