Syrian armed forces in fresh assault on Damascus districts


The Syrian Army makes more headway in the capital Damascus and its suburbs. In Jubar, east of Damascus, Press TV team accompanied the army as it moved forward there.

The Syrian army units have gained more ground after killing a number of foreign-backed militants and confiscating their weapons. Also a hideout for the militants used for making explosives was found near al-Manasher Square in which there were poisonous chemical materials in addition to chlorine. On some of them was written “made in Saudi Arabia”.

Militants burned the bodies of their comrades to hide their identity because a large number them are non-Syrians. The army also regained control of al-Musiqa battalion base. Still, it is in the range of insurgents sniper fire—a fact that makes the area a highly dangerous one. That’s why you see us here running for our lives.

According to official sources, more than 60 % of Jobar area is under the control of the Syrian army. Army personnel here told us that they will continue operations until clearing all of Eastern al-Ghuta area in Damascus suburbs.

Meanwhile, in neighboring al-Qaboun northeast of the capital, fierce fighting continues. The army advanced further in the area and secured the municipality building and a school. Several residential buildings were also cleared of armed men.

Earlier, the Syrian armed forces took the control of an industrial zone in al-Qboun that links it with Jobar. Seizing the strategic areas of Barzeh, Qaboun and Jobar means Damascus’s northeastern district will be freed as well.

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Syria Victory In Kenitra Sabri Da’as Rebel Leader Killed


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Damascus (world) -20/06/2013- the stressed world news channel reporter Mazen Salmo Syrian forces engaged in fierce clashes with armed groups in regions Alveabih and Husseiniya in the southern Damascus to cleanse these areas are considered figs with Seadlah which was released yesterday conduit for military supplies and logistics for insurgents, he said, adding that the Syrian forces seized control of the western mountains in the area of ​​the hill capital Brive.
Our correspondent says a little while ago in a news bulletin on Thursday evening: forces continued Syrian military operations in the southern districts of rural capital, Damascus, after full control of the area Seadlah nearby area of ​​Sayeda Zeinab peace be upon her, especially as they were considered a center for firing mortar shells shrine Sayeda Zeinab them peace.
He correspondent world: focused operations today in Alveabih and Husseiniya, where Dart violent clashes between Syrian troops and insurgents, and spoke sources, including the sources of opposition and killed dozens of militants, and the destruction of a number of headquarters of the armed groups, while the army advanced in these areas.
He pointed out that, according to military sources goal of this process carried out by Syrian troops in the southern axis of the capital Damascus is cracking down on militants from the back and cut military supply route connecting to some adjacent areas of the capital Damascus.
Our correspondent also pointed out that the Syrian forces seized control of the western mountains in the hill capital countryside, there was also targeted to Tgmahat insurgents west shrine Ms. Sakina Rural Damascus.
He continued: In Quneitra called Sabri Da’as killed the leader of the Front victory and others were arrested, according to military sources.
He explained colleague Mazen Salmo he and countryside of Aleppo continues Syrian forces military operations in the rural north, and spoke sources violent clashes took place between Syrian forces and armed groups in the area of orchard Basha and Bustan Palace, as has been the destruction of a number of military headquarters of the armed groups.

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Syrian army continues mop-up operation in Qusayr


These Syrian soldiers are entering the unknown, walking into the edge of the northern quarter of Qusair city, this unit is carrying out a limited mission as part of the second stage of the Syrian military operation in Al-Qusair.

The second phase involves a variety of tactics to minimize human losses among Syrian soldiers according a Syrian military source. The Syrian command doesn’t want to push everything it has into the battle right now so while some attack, others wait.

Into one of the strategic points in Qusair, The agricultural bank that was used by insurgents to attack army checkpoints before the Syrian Army liberate it and use it as stationing point.

We are on the roof of the Agricultural Bank which is one of the points which the Syrian Army is using to regroup before launching a second phase of its operation inside al-Qusair city.

Before the military operation started insurgents tried to take the point repeatedly but with no success.

The point that was under attack is now the base where the Syrian army is mounting attacks on insurgents’ strongholds and was essential in the military efforts to secure the eastern quarter of the city.

The insurgents have been trying to take this point from us for more than 14 months we stopped them even when they used a car bomb that we destroyed and you can see it from here.

We are using street warfare tactics and have advanced on more than one axis but some of them unannounced, we are using artillery to hit there incoming and outgoing forces meaning those who try to come and assist and those trying to flee.

From another look out for the Syrian army , distant flags show how much the Syrian armed forces have advanced since their operations in Qusair started. However, the city isn’t completely under army’s control : the northern quarter is still with the insurgents . As we approach that neighborhood one of the soldiers is hit by a sniper. A reminder of the danger lurking behind every corner in Al-Qusair ..

Syria seizes Israeli light-jeep spy truck used by insurgents in al-Qusayr


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Syria seizes Israeli light-jeep spy truck used by insurgents in al-Qusayr
According to the military in the Syrian army was among the troops that attacked the place where he was grabbing on the car Alasraúlah, that there was no Israeli flag is raised in place, and that the car was inside clothing and connections and communications equipment.

Learned and fields , quoting soldiers in the Syrian army that contacts were exposed to interference and interruptions during their progress in short, especially towards the area where adjusting mechanism Israeli.

Messages fields in short its part, reported that the Syrian army issued a set of gear and weapons left behind by the militants, including anti-tank missiles Asraúlah made.

In connection with the fields, said the president of the Center for Middle East Studies retired Brigadier General Hisham Jaber Commenting on the news exclusive “If true, this news it is evidence of a serious and direct involvement of Israel in the ongoing events in Syria.” He added, “We know that Israel is not far from what is happening in Syria and that the elements of the Israeli intelligence actively engaged in various places both in the capital, Damascus, or in areas controlled by the rebels, but must be in order to make sure that await Israeli response to this guide, which was published the picture” .

He added that “Israel is involved since the beginning, but in secret, and Israel is interested to keep the events in Syria as it is to see it in the ongoing battles there golden opportunity to Astnrav the Syrian military and human.”

The fields Web site last Friday referred to the revelations “Fox News Sunday” television in a report Thursday photographer and a crew from the Israeli special forces in Syria near the border area.

And the Israeli response is expected after these pictures documented Brigadier Jaber said, “either that Israel denies that this is a possibility, although the documents, or they will say this is an Israeli car was in the area of ​​the Golan Heights or supplying other excuses.”

On the ground and in the latest developments related to the ongoing military operations in the short-City Our Correspondents reported from the region that the Syrian army controlled so far most of the city’s neighborhoods and the existence of opposition fighters is limited to the northern district of the city