Syrian army pushes insurgents out of Damascus countryside ‎


Into the dangerous countryside of Damascus as we go, such a trip requires utmost caution and many precautions.

This area has been the scene of fierce clashes after insurgents targeted Syrian army posts. In videos uploaded to the internet, insurgents called it Al-Kisas Al-Adel battle. The Syrian army, however, quickly turned the table on them recapturing many locations and seizing or destroying their equipment.

The army is now in the midst of a large-scale operation in Adra area with the aim of surrounding insurgents-held areas in Douma and Harasta and preventing armed groups from reaching Damascus.

We can see Mayda’a — a village separating us from Alatibeh less than 4 or 5 km from the place we are standing right now and where other units are stationed and one can visualize how little is the area insurgents are moving in.

This part is crucial for the Syrian capital as it contains industrial complexes, powers station, grain silos and the free zone. Many of these locations recent became a battleground like this towering detergent factory. But Syrian troops regained the control over and now using it to keep an eye on the whole area.

The Syrian Army is on the lookout here for any insurgent movement, and whenever a move is detected the artillery is called in.

The vast area included in this military operation doesn’t seem to hinder the advancement of the Syrian Army in an operation that will change the situation in and outside of Damascus or the rest of the country. How successful is the army in accomplishing its objectives, remains to be seen.

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Syrian army cleansed Barzeh suburb Damascus

 Barzeh (World) 26/06/2013 – The Syrian army units combed Barzeh neighborhoods on the outskirts of Damascus, and work on the cleared of armed groups and attach it to safe areas. Military sources said that the army faces the elements belonging to the victory in front Barzeh, and managed to kill dozens, most of them non-Syrian nationalities.

Thesuburb in Barzeh area of the capital of Damascus, is the hottest region of importance.
He said one of the elements of the Syrian army to us: “We controlled 80% of the hot suburb, and we only have a small area left, and controled the rest within hours.”
The world has been accompanied by a camera elements of the army and national defense live in a military operation, aimed at clearing the area of insurgents Front victory, also emphasizes the elements of the Syrian army units.
one of the elements of the Syrian army units to us: “We killed several gunmen in Barzeh, including Afghan and Chechen nationals and Libyan and Egyptian too.”
Another said: “We killed the armed group was near the cemetery, and they were some of the most dangerous terrorists who came from Libya and Tunisia.”

Barzeh is the northern entrance of the capital Damascus and near the Lebanese border, and is located on the line of a scorpion and the hill, here comes the strategic importance of the region, and once you control over Barzeh you control the Kaboun area adjacent.
With the completion of the process in Barzeh has been completed as planned, to Ttnea battle of the most important battles on the outskirts of the capital Damascus.

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Syrian army fighting to clear Aleppo from insurgents


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The Syrian army’s military operation goes on in the countryside of the northern city of Aleppo with big aims on agenda – The army’s campaign on foreign-backed insurgents in Aleppo is considered as one of the largest military operations carried out by the Syrian government forces.

The army’s military operation is conducted in two areas; the first is the southern countryside of Aleppo and the second is in the northern countryside of the city. While the operation in south will secure the Syrian Army’s supply routes to Aleppo and northern Syria, the campaign in northern parts of Aleppo aims mainly at cutting off insurgents’ supply lines. 

The level of complication & precision needed for the Syrian army’s operation in northern Aleppo is very high because of the vast area to be covered, proximity to Turkish border and difficulty of terrain that combines urban and hillside fighting. 

We are in an artillery post for the Syrian army where the army is shelling to provide fire coverage for its troops who are still inside one of the locations in Ashuihena hill. 

If the Syrian army manages to clear the countryside of Aleppo, the whole situation in Syria will change drastically. – See more at:

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Syrian army continues mop-up operation in Qusayr


These Syrian soldiers are entering the unknown, walking into the edge of the northern quarter of Qusair city, this unit is carrying out a limited mission as part of the second stage of the Syrian military operation in Al-Qusair.

The second phase involves a variety of tactics to minimize human losses among Syrian soldiers according a Syrian military source. The Syrian command doesn’t want to push everything it has into the battle right now so while some attack, others wait.

Into one of the strategic points in Qusair, The agricultural bank that was used by insurgents to attack army checkpoints before the Syrian Army liberate it and use it as stationing point.

We are on the roof of the Agricultural Bank which is one of the points which the Syrian Army is using to regroup before launching a second phase of its operation inside al-Qusair city.

Before the military operation started insurgents tried to take the point repeatedly but with no success.

The point that was under attack is now the base where the Syrian army is mounting attacks on insurgents’ strongholds and was essential in the military efforts to secure the eastern quarter of the city.

The insurgents have been trying to take this point from us for more than 14 months we stopped them even when they used a car bomb that we destroyed and you can see it from here.

We are using street warfare tactics and have advanced on more than one axis but some of them unannounced, we are using artillery to hit there incoming and outgoing forces meaning those who try to come and assist and those trying to flee.

From another look out for the Syrian army , distant flags show how much the Syrian armed forces have advanced since their operations in Qusair started. However, the city isn’t completely under army’s control : the northern quarter is still with the insurgents . As we approach that neighborhood one of the soldiers is hit by a sniper. A reminder of the danger lurking behind every corner in Al-Qusair ..

Syrian army gains control of Qusayr villages


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Syrian army troops have gained the control of three villages in the strategic Qusayr area of Homs province on Monday, allowing them to cut supply lines to terrorist groups inside Qusayr town.
The military operation on the villages of Western Dumayna, Haidariyeh and Esh al-Warwar began this morning.

“The fighting lasted for three hours until we established control over these villages, which are considered strategic because they lie on the road between the cities of Homs and Qusayr and will allow us to block supplies to the militants in Qusayr ,” the lieutenant colonel said on condition of anonymity.

Western Dumayna is some eight kilometres (five miles) north of the rebel-held town of Qusayr, which has been at the center of fierce battles between militant groups and the Syrian army.

Last week, activists said the town of Qusayr was surrounded by army troops on three sides and that some 25,000 residents were still inside.

On Monday, the daily Al-Watan newspaper, said the Syria army had halted operations in the area to allow civilians to leave safely.

The area has been a strategic boon to the militants, who used it as a base from which to block the main road from Damascus to the coast, impeding military movement and supply chains.