Failure awaits any US attack on Syria: President Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned that ‘failure awaits the United States’ if it launches a war on his country.



More clashing In Tripoli Lebanon


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Sporadic gunfire and sniper activities continue to violate Lebanese northern city of Tripoli.

Schools and universities as well as banks and other businesses were closed for a third day Wednesday. This, after the city witnessed the worst night of clashes since fighting between supporters and opponents of the Syrian government erupted over the weekend, killing and injuring tens of people.

The Pro-Assad Arab Democratic Party warned to retaliate fiercely against Salafist militants if they continue their offensive against the Alawite community and the Lebanese army.

The city is being shelled by mortar bombs and rocket-propelled grenades amid fears that the Lebanese Army might withdraw from the area. Lawmakers, on the other hand, see that the Lebanese Army is capable of gaining control over the area, but with a political decision from the Lebanese government.

Analysts believe the presence of the Army would definitely spark tension among residents, saying the solution is in the hands of the leaders to differentiate between Lebanese and Syrian issues. The Arab Democratic Party pledged later in the day to remain committed to a cease fire, ordering its supporters to exercise restraint and not to respond to the fire sources.

Prominent figures are urging the Army not to withdraw out of fear that extremists could gain control of the port city.