Dozens Split in Free Syrian Army due to “loss of legitamacy”


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In the largest split witnessed by the  so-called Free Army, announced today several battalions and armed factions belonging to them split in a video posted on the site YouTube a so-called “mountain Shield Brigade” in Idlib province.

He announced these, totaling dozens, they “defected from a brigade shield mountain worker in the province of Idlib,” arguing that “loss of legitimacy.”

said the statement photographer, said that “battalions and groups that announced انشقاقها Major General mentioned are the battalion Marzaf Battalion, Alturnbh Battalion, Liberation Battalion, Loew, battalion Kfranjd, shield سراقب, shield المعرة, Saraya Mntaf, secret bee, secret مصيبين, secret Kvrlata and confidential Kjdlaa. ”
and the statement, according to the TV news that the reason for the split is due to carry the banner shield the mountain using heavy weapons against the civilian population in villages Marpleyt and Kvrlath. While indicated other information to the schism caused by that “these battalions had held an agreement with the so-called State of Iraq and the Levant, the Islamic Al Qaeda-linked where he is to be working in one frame under the command of the organization without being elements directly in it.”
and the statement emphasized that “the Major General said has become a “loss of legitimacy” and must prosecute his leadership and accountability. ”

and this split is the largest in terms of number, after the pilot declared dissident Khaled Issa earlier bolting with all members of his battalion for the army free.

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