‘Ball of fire in Middle East’: Tehran, Damascus warn US against Syria strike


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Iran has warned the US not to cross “the red line” on Syria threatening it would have “severe consequences” for the White House. This follows a statement from Syrian officials who said a strike would create “very serious fallout” for the whole region.

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▶ US angered at Russia for granting asylum to Snowden – YouTube

Despite the obvious disappointment over successful application for asylum by American whistleblower Edward Snowden, US officials say they will hold talks on pressing bilateral and global issues with their Russian counterparts in Washington, including Syria and Iran’s nuclear program. The two sides are also to discuss Snowden’s case.

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US Congress calls for sanctions against Argentina over growing ties with Iran +video

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Lito Borello has a deep, interesting political history of battling imperialist moves in Argentina.

A former Coordinator of Urban Policies in the City of Buenos Aires and current head of the social and political organization “Los Pibes” -aligned with the administration of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner-, Lito Borello defines the recent move by the United States Congress calling for sanctions against Argentina over its increasing ties with Iran “a new threat of Washington” against countries’ sovereign decisions.

It sounds startling that in the 21st century Congressmen of the United States could urge State Secretary John Kerry and Attorney General Eric Holder to punish the South American country due to a decision they have found “extremely troubling”.

But yet it is true and there it is a foreign power condemning the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Buenos Aires and Tehran to jointly investigate the 1994 attack of the AMIA Jewish community center in Argentina’s capital city.

The Congress of Argentina signed into law the MoU earlier this year with lawmakers considering the AMIA case has been stained by corruption from the very beginning.

The local government has made yet no official comments on the sanctions pledge probably because President Kirchner has repeatedly insisted that Argentina’s “only commitment is with the Argentinean victims of the AMIA tragedy”.

Following mounting pressure by the U-S, local Zionist lobbies are seeking to hinder Argentina-Iran efforts to probe the AMIA issue. The pro-Israel Special prosecutor in charge of the case Alberto Nisman has also accused Iran of infiltrating the Latin American region.

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US Congress calls for sanctions against Argentina over growing ties with Iran – YouTube.

Report unveils Israel-Argentina secret nuclear deal


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If you would get to know that Israel launched a secret plan to develop nuclear weapons under the strict protection of the United States, shouldn’t you wonder why Washington then pressures countries like Iran that has continuously worked to demonstrate the peaceful nature of its nuclear energy program?

What if you learn Tel Aviv got the uranium from Argentina which has moved towards a new stance in relations with Tehran?

An investigation published by the online magazine Foreign Policy indeed shows how the US and Israel bought over 80-100 tons of uranium oxide or “yellow cake” from the South American nation back in the 60´s in order to fuel its Dimona reactor and produce plutonium that can be used for weapons development. Based on recently declassified US intelligence documents, the report also describes how the US confirmed the information and kept silent about it.

For the Argentine journalist and expert on geopolitical affairs Mr.
Carlos Aznarez, the answer starts with one firm conviction: “It is not the US that rules Israel, it is Israel that rules the US”.

The double standard of the White House over Israel also gets clear in the political arena. While the US denounces, opposes any single country with ambitions of progress, these intelligent reports clearly show to the international community that Washington has actually been fully aware for almost 50 years about the always-denied development of nuclear a weapons program by Israel and turned a blind eye because of its ever greedy economic and geopolitical concerns.

The then administration of Argentina took all the necessary precautionary measures to avoid the misuse of the yellowcake by signing a clear and specific agreement with Tel Aviv on the pacific purpose of the sale; however Israel breached that commitment finally and used the nuclear material for its goals.

The current government of Argentina has made yet no official comments on the 1964 yellow cake transaction, although a big part of the international community is eagerly waiting for those statements.

The report that unveiled Israel’s secret uranium purchase from
Argentina also says that Britain and Canada were fully aware of Tel Aviv’s nuclear ambitions. Israel has kept its Dimona reactor’s information highly classified since the facility became operational 50 years ago.

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Saudi and Moroccan insurgents killed in Aleppo Syria

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In a busy time when the international forces to develop a specific formula lead to a political consensus through Geneva -2 despite differences, the language of arms are still topping the scene on the Syrian arena.
In Damascus, the northern Syrian army was able to impose a military collar at the entrances to the neighborhood of Barzeh and Kaboun inspired November, clashes are concentrated in orchards and Barzeh slums of the country. 
In a surprise attack was carried out by elements Meng military airport protection against insurgents based inside a building south of the airport Agricultural Research Aleppo countryside, killing dozens of insurgents, including Abu Laith Morocco and Abu Jandal Saudi Arabia.
“The only way to end the conflict on Syrian territory is in a political solution” is best known for the year through adult conferences aimed at resolving the crisis are told the Syrians, but in essence there working on the continuation of the cycle of violence through increased armament.
The aide said Syrian Information Minister behind the key to channel world news Wednesday: talk about the political track in light of the escalation, and to provide the opposition with arms reflects the fact that the essence of the American position, which does not want a political solution, but wants more blood and murder, and the introduction of the region and not Syria only in the furnace of a bloody conflict.
Iran is the key fulcrum is no disagreement around two at the Geneva Conference, though some work to write off its regional role.
He said the country Syrian Mufti Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun world news channel: We now insist on the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran also insist on the presence of some Arab countries that arming these terrorists, saying that Iran is the center of world peace.
A conviction was formed in the general Syrians that talk about a political solution to the Syrian crisis did not go beyond media statements in light of the insistence of some to send more weapons to the interior of Syria. 
interview still raised the effect that the war will continue until changed the equation on the ground, at least this is what is understood from statements opponents of the regime in Syria. 

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Israelis in the occupied Golan Heights fear military escalation as Iran Pledges troops to Syria.


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Israelis in the occupied Golan Heights fear a dramatic military escalation on their doorstep – as America moves to arm the Syrian rebels and Iran reportedly pledges troops to help President Assad;

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‘Syrian conflict is a war targeting Iran’


The rise of sectarian violence and recent Israeli bombing indicate that the true aim of the Syrian civil war is to weaken Iran’s position in the region, Middle East expert Tariq Ali said in an interview with RT.

Hezbollah militants are fighting beside Syrian governmental troops to retake the strategic town of Qusair from the rebels. It’s considered a key weapons smuggling route for opposition forces near the Lebanese border.

The battle for the city in the contested Homs Province is viewed by both sides as a turning point which could prove crucial in deciding the conflict.

Tariq Ali believes Hezbollah has joined the fight in order to protect the weapons smuggling routes of their own, those coming from neighboring Iran.

As for the Syrian people, Ali says the majority just wants the war in the country to end, no matter which side gets the upper hand.