Saudi and Moroccan insurgents killed in Aleppo Syria

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In a busy time when the international forces to develop a specific formula lead to a political consensus through Geneva -2 despite differences, the language of arms are still topping the scene on the Syrian arena.
In Damascus, the northern Syrian army was able to impose a military collar at the entrances to the neighborhood of Barzeh and Kaboun inspired November, clashes are concentrated in orchards and Barzeh slums of the country. 
In a surprise attack was carried out by elements Meng military airport protection against insurgents based inside a building south of the airport Agricultural Research Aleppo countryside, killing dozens of insurgents, including Abu Laith Morocco and Abu Jandal Saudi Arabia.
“The only way to end the conflict on Syrian territory is in a political solution” is best known for the year through adult conferences aimed at resolving the crisis are told the Syrians, but in essence there working on the continuation of the cycle of violence through increased armament.
The aide said Syrian Information Minister behind the key to channel world news Wednesday: talk about the political track in light of the escalation, and to provide the opposition with arms reflects the fact that the essence of the American position, which does not want a political solution, but wants more blood and murder, and the introduction of the region and not Syria only in the furnace of a bloody conflict.
Iran is the key fulcrum is no disagreement around two at the Geneva Conference, though some work to write off its regional role.
He said the country Syrian Mufti Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun world news channel: We now insist on the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran also insist on the presence of some Arab countries that arming these terrorists, saying that Iran is the center of world peace.
A conviction was formed in the general Syrians that talk about a political solution to the Syrian crisis did not go beyond media statements in light of the insistence of some to send more weapons to the interior of Syria. 
interview still raised the effect that the war will continue until changed the equation on the ground, at least this is what is understood from statements opponents of the regime in Syria.

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UN: ‘Strong suspicions’ that Syrian rebels have used sarin nerve gas


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UN human rights investigators say they have strong suspicions but not absolute proof that Syrian rebel forces have used the nerve gas sarin.

It follows interviews with victims and doctors in neighbouring countries.

“We collected some witness testimony that made to appear that some chemical weapons were used, in particular nerving (sic) gas and what appears to our investigation (was) that that was used by the opponents, by the rebels,” said Carla del Ponte, a member of the UN investigating team who has also served as an international war crimes prosecutor.

The Geneva-based inquiry gave no details as to when or where the nerve gas may have been used.

It did not find evidence that government forces had resorted to chemical weapons.

The US has said it has “varying degrees of confidence” that Syria’s government has used sarin on its people.

Both President al-Assad’s forces and the rebels have accused each other of employing chemical weapons several times.

Sarin has no colour or smell and can be fatal even in small doses.