EU cuts supply to Egyptian army


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The EU’s Foreign Ministers broke away from their summer breaks to convene this emergency meeting in Brussels. The crisis in Egypt was the only item on the agenda and the matter was discussed for three hours. The 28 member states unanimously agreed that humanitarian aid from the EU to Egypt should continue but any potential support for the Egyptian army will cease immediately. Watch video


EU bans financial support to Israeli settlements


The European Union has decided to bar all 28 member states from using any EU funds for projects in Israel’s illegal settlements. Also beginning in 2014, all bilateral contracts must include a clause stating that East Jerusalem al-Quds, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Golan Heights are not a part of Israel.

The directive will primarily affect research projects and financial grants.

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EU bans financial support to Israeli settlements – YouTube.


Germany most-spied-on EU country by US – leaked NSA report – YouTube

Germany most-spied-on EU country by US – leaked NSA report – YouTube.

Germany appears to be the most snooped on EU country by the US, a map of secret surveillance activities by the National Security Agency (NSA) shows. EU officials are to question their US counterparts on data snooping in Europe.

The color-coded map of secret surveillance activities by the NSA ranks countries according to how much surveillance they are currently undergoing – green for the least and red for the most watched.

While all EU member states boast variant shades of green, Germany stands out, color-coded orange.

The source behind the revelation of the top-secret NSA surveillance program, already referred to as one of the most significant intelligence leaks in US history, was uncovered late last week. 29-year-old Snowden asked The Guardian to reveal his identity, having fled to Hong Kong to escape retaliation by the US authorities.

“The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting,” he told The Guardian.

“I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authority to wire-tap anyone … even if you are not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded,” he added.

The ‘Boundless Informant’ documents show NSA collecting up to 3 billion pieces of intelligence from US computer networks over a 30-day period ending in March 2013, according to The Guardian. The tool reportedly allows users to select a country on a map, view the metadata volume and select details about the collections against this or that state.

via Germany most-spied-on EU country by US – leaked NSA report – YouTube.

Syrian army starts “North storm” to save Aleppo


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Syrian army has completely surrounded Andan and Nubbul in north of Aleppo as it goes on with its operation to save the province from terrorist groups, most of them infiltrating from Turkey.
According to al-Alam correspondent, the army has started its operation in the area, which is one of the most important militants’ strongholds near Turkey borders.
The army is preparing to attack militant strongholds in the towns of al-Zahra, Hayyan, Tell Rifaat and A’zaz in north of Aleppo.
The operation is code-named North Storm.
Rocket attacks were reported in Nubbul which according to reports left at least 6 people dead and several injured.
A Qatari militant named Ali al-Ansari from terrorist al-Nusra Front was killed in clashes near Mennigh airport.
Terrorist groups entered the two towns of Nubbul and al-Zahra at the beginning of the insurgency in March 2011, but in July 2012 they completely blocked the area letting no food, medicine and supplies to enter. No one could leave the area or enter as well.
In May, a group of a thousand people tried to break the siege, but they were faced with terrorists who attacked the group brutally and killed and arrested many of them.
They beheaded 10 men and hung their heads at the entrance of the area so that no one else would run.
More than 50 thousand people live in these two towns while after the crisis broke out some 15000 people also migrated and set camp in there.
There are daily reports of abduction and killing of citizens in the area by terrorist groups who often film their crimes and post them on the internet.
It is estimated that at least 10 thousand terrorist are currently occupying the towns.
Army is extending its operations in Aleppo which has been scene of vicious killings, abduction and torture of citizens throughout the crisis.
As the government in Syria is struggling with a massive foreign-backed insurgency, US, Britain and their allies are pushing hard to arm the militant groups so that they topple the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Pushed by Britain and France, the European Union recently lifted an arms embargo on militants fighting in Syria, raising risks of extending the bloody insurgency in Syria as well as the whole region.

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Putin says S-300 missile contract with Syria not complete


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Russian President Vladimir Putin settled some outstanding questions regarding Russia’s pending delivery of the S-300 surface to air missile system to the Syrian government at the Russia-EU 2013 Summit in Ekaterinburg on Tuesday. Standing in between European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, Putin informed the audience that the contact has yet to be completed.

The announcement came as a response to a question by a journalist at the press conference after the conclusion of the summit.

“We gave much attention on the situation in Syria. On our side, we reiterate that any attempt to use force from an outside intervention are doomed to failure and will incur heavy humanitarian costs,” said Mr. Putin. “What are the obstacles? The obstacles are that the lack of good will on the side of the armed opposition, the lack of a single platform of the armed opposition, and the impossibility to determine the composition of participants on the side of the armed opposition to take part in the conference. We hope that all of these questions will be solved as quickly as possible.”

“Concerning the S-300, this is definitely one of the best missile systems in the world, if not the best. It probably is the best. This is, of course, a serious weapon. We do not want to disturb the balance in the region. The contract was written several years ago, but has not yet been completed.”

European Commission President Herman van Rompuy expressed European support for the recent push by the Russian and US governments for a peace summit involving both sides in the Syrian conflict.

“On Syria, the European Union welcomes the joint Russian-US initiative for the Geneva 2 conference,” he said. “We are giving our full support to this very important political peace process.”

The 31st Russia-EU summit in Ekaterinburg got off to a promising start when Putin highlighted the record trade volume between the two powers, which grew 4.1 per cent to $410.3 billion (€314.2 billion) in 2012.

Summit topics ranged from focus on pressing foreign policy issues, such as the conflict in Syria, as well as the growth and development of international organisations, including the Russian-led Eurasian Union and the Arctic Council. Both Russian Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union Baroness Catherine Ashton were in attendance at the high level talks.

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U.S. called Russian arms supplies to the Syrian Government “provocative actions”

U.S. considers “provocative actions” Russian arms sales Syrian government. This was stated by State Department spokesman Jen Psak.
“We are concerned about such steps. They are provocative and do not help resolve the conflict”, – said Psak.

UK government lining up with Islamist radicals in Syria


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UK and France’s compulsion to lift the EU arms embargo will only lead to further bloodshed, and any weapons exports may fall into the hands of extremists, British journalist Neil Clark tells RT.

The more weapons they send to Syria, the greater the danger they will be used to strike against their own citizens and across the world, he explains.

Britain and France’s lone push to end the arms embargo on Syria is not conducive to a peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict and preparations for negotiations cannot come with the condition of Assad’s resignation. A drive for peace in the region shouldn’t be decided based on an immediate change of government, especially one which still has a strong support base within the country.

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