EU cuts supply to Egyptian army


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The EU’s Foreign Ministers broke away from their summer breaks to convene this emergency meeting in Brussels. The crisis in Egypt was the only item on the agenda and the matter was discussed for three hours. The 28 member states unanimously agreed that humanitarian aid from the EU to Egypt should continue but any potential support for the Egyptian army will cease immediately. Watch video


Cairo Egypt Mosque under siege


The’March of Anger’ has resulted in almost 100 deaths and numerous injuries. Hundreds have taken refuge in mosques overnight to avoid confrontations with Egyptian police. The Muslim Brotherhood has called for week-long action amid the crackdown.

An estimated 1500 people trapped inside Al Fath mosque in Cairo’s Ramses Square have asked for “a safe exit” at the end of the curfew which finishes at 7am local time.

Security forces besieged Al Fath mosque at the end the “Friday of Anger” protests. Security officials claimed that “armed elements” were “shooting security forces and police from inside the mosque,” MENA reported. However, activists say the army was attacking them.

The head of the Doctors’ Syndicate told Ahram Online that 1500 protesters and 31 doctors have asked for a safety corridor, after earlier reports indicated that people inside the mosque were fearing for their lives. Around 70 people are believed to be injured inside the building. Watch Video

Rand Paul says Washington aid to Egypt should end


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Republican Senator Rand Paul brands himself as a standalone politician–disagreeing with fellow Republicans at times–while agreeing with Democrats on certain issues. But the power shift in Egypt is pushing Paul to lock horns with the Obama administration. Watch Video

Hundreds of Morsi supporters torch govt building in Giza after brutal crackdown


Hundreds of Morsi supporters have stormed a government building in Giza and set it alight, reports state TV. This comes after Wednesday’s brutal crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood loyalists in which over 630 people died.

The Giza incident was confirmed by interior ministry sources, who told Al Jazeera that protesters had been flinging Molotov cocktails at the building and firing live ammunition. However, government employees managed to evacuate the main colonial-style vialla building before it fell under siege. Watch video

Crisis in Egypt leaves more Gazans stranded

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As the political turmoil continues in Egypt, the number of people crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt continues to decline.

Now less than a hundred people are allowed to leave the tiny coastal enclave through the Rafah crossing compared to nearly 1500 people prior to the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.

Egyptian authorities also allow a maximum of two busloads of travelers to reach the Gaza Strip on a daily basis.

The situation is negatively affecting the people of Gaza especially students and patients.

There are hundreds of chronic patients in Gaza in need for urgent medical attention abroad due to lack of the necessary treatment in Gaza.

In mid-July Egypt temporarily reopened the Rafah crossing but thousands are still stranded in both sides of the Rafah crossing as the number of people allowed to leave Gaza has been declining day in and day out.

People were also dissatisfied by the treatment they receive at the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing.

With the Holy month of Ramadan drawing to an end the number of people who would want to travel is likely to increase.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip say there is no end in sight to their suffering amid the escalating political tensions in Egypt. Rafah crossing is the besieged Gaza’s only gateway to the outside world bypassing Israel.

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Ethiopia determined to complete dam by 2017


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A blast on the bed rock of the Blue Nile, prepares for the construction of diversion culverts. It will allow permanent flow of the river after the completion of the hydropower dam that Ethiopia is currently constructing on the Blue Nile. Heavy vehicles carry rocks and soil to fill the space created by the diversion on the river.

The target of the Ethiopian government is to build a power dam 145metres high and 1780 meters long, which at full capacity will hold 74 billion cubic meters of water, 16 units of power production and two power houses.

Upon its completion in the year 2017, The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is expected to start producing 6000MW of power. This will make it the biggest hydropower project in Africa and the seven biggest in the world.

However, at the construction goes on, Egypt, which receives water from this Blue Nile, remains concerned. Egypt says that the diversion of the main course of the river made by Ethiopia will
affect the normal flow of water into its territory. The Ethiopian government has strongly denied the claim, saying diversion is inevitable while constructing a dam on the river.

To further support its claims, the Ethiopian government is also fronting the fact that it has chosen to use Salini Costuttori, an Italian company that has the record of building 20 big dams in four continents. On March 2011, this company was awarded the 4.8 billion dollar contract, without competitive bidding.

Egypt says its concerns arise from the fact that it’s facing a water crisis as its population increases. In the 1960s, the average water share per person was 2,800 cubic meters. Now, the figure has dropped to 600 cubic meters, much below the poverty line, which is 1,000 cubic meters per

The Nile is the longest river in the world, flowing through some 11 countries, including Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. It is the primary source of water for many of these countries, particularly Sudan and Egypt, whose mainly desert landmass is made fertile by the river as it flows into the Mediterranean. Egypt insists that it reserves the right to hold on to the largest share of the Nile water based on the British Nile Water Agreement of 1959.However , the other beneficiaries with the exception of Sudan have agreed to a new arrangement of using the Nile under a new forum called, the Nile Basin initiative.

Find out why Egypt condemns the Dam project. Egypt, Ethiopia Nile water dispute sparks tensions

Full Military Coup Underway In Egypt


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RT Reported A military coup is underway in Egypt, according to Mohamed Morsi’s national security adviser and a Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson. Security forces have placed a travel ban on Morsi and a number of top Brotherhood officials, according to AFP sources.
Egypt’s state news agency MENA says a short transitional period will be followed by presidential and parliamentary elections.

Mohamed Morsi - Caricature

Mohamed Morsi – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Egyptian troops, including commandos, are deploying at key sites and intersections throughout Egypt, including Suez and the highway to Alexandria. Several hundred soldiers, together with armored vehicles are taking part in a military parade on the road near the presidential palace, a witness told Reuters. The army reportedly erected barbed wire and barriers around the barracks where Morsi was working.

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