FSA Idiot In Denial Of Syrian Army taking of Qusayr city

Fsa Propagandist denies Qusayr City has been taken by The Syrian army.The guy acts verymuch like Baghdad Bob.The Verty Cute Lebanese News Reporter struggles not to laugh through most of the segment. Watch it below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e3CfUKVBqo


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Al-Qaeda cell producing Sarin Gas busted in Iraq


Iraq’s defense ministry has broken up an Al-Qaeda terror gang that was working to produce poison gas for their attacks within the country as well as in Europe and North America.

The group of five people built two facilities in Baghdad to produce sarin and mustard gas, using instructions from another Al-Qaeda group, ministry’s spokesman Mohammed al-Askari told a news conference on Saturday.

The members of the cell were prepared to launch attacks domestically, and also had a network to smuggle the toxins to neighboring countries, and further afield to Europe and North America, Askari said.

The arrest of the cell members was possible because of cooperation between Iraqi and foreign intelligence services, he added.

The United Nations said last month that sarin nerve gas was used by militants fighting against the government in neighboring Syria.

Iraq and Syria share a 600-kilometre (375-mile) border, and officials have warned that Al-Qaeda-linked militants opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the government in Baghdad have set up camp in Iraq’s western desert region.

Al-Qaeda front group the Islamic State of Iraq is still active in the country, launching regular attacks on government and civilian targets.

So far, the group has largely refrained from waging violence outside Iraq, but earlier this year it publicly said it was linked to al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front, an extremist group fighting the Mr. Assad’s government.

Iraq in ruins: Post-war life overshadowed by crumbling infrastructure, corruption, poverty


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Despite Iraq being rich in natural resources and the US pouring money into its economy for over a decade, Iraqi infrastructure is constantly failing and the people are forced to beg, as RT’s Lucy Kafanov reported from the war-torn country.

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In spite of billions of dollars spent on reconstruction following the decade-long conflict, many neighborhoods lack sewerage systems and trash collection services. In some settlements, there are barely any streets. Water is also a big problem, locals pointed out.

“Nobody drinks the city water because we know it’s not clean. Since the war, I’ve had to rely on bottled water. What comes out of the tap is contaminated and makes us sick. How can we drink it?” local resident Umm Muhammad indicated.

Central power is another issue, with the system sometimes on for as little as two hours a day.

Electrician from Baghdad Abu Meria is sure the new government is to blame for the chaos that reigning in his homeland.

“It’s the citizens who suffer in the end, not the government. The services are so bad and the power system has really deteriorated. There were billions spent on fixing the grid but there’s little to show for it.”

Abu Meria now earns four times more than before the war due to the frequent failures and blackouts all over the city.

As RT’s Lucy Kafanov also discovered, the crumbling infrastructure is closely entangled with rampant corruption.

Transparency International group has ranked Iraq as the eighth most-corrupt state in the world. In the latest scandal, the country’s Electricity Ministry was involved in a $1.7 billion fraud case.

On the backdrop of this, most Iraqis remain impoverished, struggling to make their ends meet. In the Al Tajiat landfill, on the outskirts of Baghdad, people are actually forced to live — without any proper living conditions.

“There are no schools for the kids here, no electricity, no real houses. To get a drink of water we have to travel 4km. It’s very difficult to live here.” Watch RT’s Lucy Kafanov’s full report.