Battles Continue Between the Insurgents and the Syria Army

Damascus (the world) 09/21/2013 clashes continued between the so-called State of Iraq, Syria and Islamic Brigades, the armed groups in Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa and Aleppo. The Syrian army took control of the neighborhood Bowl and west of peace and east peace in Homs, and in the neighborhood of Barzeh progress in Rural Damascus.
News coming from combat zones According Bahtdam, the battles between militants Daash or what is known as the state of Islam in Iraq and the Levant, and the so-called Free Army in Azaz fancy door Aleppo countryside and class in the city of Raqqa, amid reports confirm the killing of dozens of gunmen from both sides.
In Homs Official Almassard confirmed the control of the Syrian forces on the villages Bowl, west and east peace in Homs after fierce battles with insurgents.
In the countryside of Latakia, Syrian army took control of large quantities of arms, ammunition and bombs and some medical equipment and pharmaceutical in Grove neighborhood, and arrested a number of wanted.
And Syrian forces say they have seized control of a number of buildings that were located where armed groups in neighborhood Almsills and who is considered the last insurgent strongholds in the Barzeh district of Damascus countryside.
He said one of the elements involved in the Syrian Army operations in a statement to Channel: We carried out several operations quality in Barzeh and controlled the areas were under the control of insurgents and the establishment of God in Barzeh will return soon as it was safe and the return of the people to it.
In the southern areas Syrian army targeted according to military sources, concentrations of insurgents in Husseiniya and Alveabih to still sporadic clashes spin the in town Almyahyh, to the east.
Under the interrelationship between political reality and in the field, it seems that armed groups in all its forms and factions reached an impasse, as in politics, which move these groups to fight and rivalry for the implementation of foreign agendas working to prevent the convening of the Geneva Conference two, at a time to achieve the Syrian army clear progress in arenas of confrontation to strengthen political attitudes.Watch video


Military draws new lines of confrontation in Rural Damascus Syria


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Damascus (world) 22/9/2013-, the Syrian army continued progress on several areas in Damascus as the army responded to the armed attack on the village of Asan in Aleppo, killing dozens of attackers.
confrontations in the countryside of Damascus fronts happening in the Syrian capital has broken drawing new front lines of new and bigger militants losses.
Syrian officer was present at the place for us: We killed a number of terrorists and God willing, We shall go ahead and Ndharham of اوكارهم and سنقضي them all, adding that the nationalities of the terrorists varied between Tunisian and Libyan, Moroccan and other nationalities.
At the المعضمية which is one of the most fronts heated, confirmed private sources said the gunmen asked for a truce to stop the clashes under a crippling blockade suffered by the armed groups there , while continue military operations on Jobar and Qaboun, killing a number of militants, including snipers of nationalities is Syria.
said a Syrian military soldier told us: We are waiting for insurgents to infiltrate from this area have We have prepared them several ambushes and these Insurgents are several nationalities such as Saudi Arabia and Chechen and Afghan, Lebanese and Arab nationalities other foreign and add some Syrians.
also increase the frequency of clashes in Barzeh, foot and Babila, down to the refugee camps of Yarmouk and Palestine, where stationed committees Palestinian municipal building.
either in Aleppo, northern Syria has announced protection units People Kurdish alert in Afrin after news of the intention of the “Front victory” striker region, while sources said gunmen from the crowd is doing militants, “the banner of a storm north” to restore Azaz ahead of the deadline, with the group “Daash.”
In Deir al-Zour eastern Syria destroyed and defense units National headquarters operations to the leadership of the so-called “free-Sham” in Hama killed 45 insurgents and arrested 4 others of the Nushra front. Watch video

Syrian army approaching for major decisive battle in Aleppo – YouTube

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Media sources confirmed that the Syrian army approached the major decisive battle in Aleppo, as addressed by the army in Damascus attempts to infiltration of militants from the Khan el-Sheikh groves towards the town of Drousha.

And continue the Syrian army military operations around the countryside south-west of the capital Damascus, which extends from the Lebanese border to the city of cladding.

has toured camera channel world news in the town of Drousha in Damascus and controlled by the Syrian army, having cleaned of armed groups who have fled towards the orchards Khan Wormwood.

said colonel in the Syrian army who was with our correspondent: that this axis is the axis of movement of a major armed and up between sectors, palaces and other areas parallel here that are Darkhbayh extended toward the cladding and that our response to the terrorist elements here spare them the link between these two axes and led to the cessation of supplies them and destroy them completely.

has approached the team channel world news to the demarcation lines first with insurgents in the orchards surrounding this town and stretching towards the town of Khan wormwood as insurgents try every day sneak around the town and the edge of the capital, Damascus,

said Syrian troops with our correspondent: the gunmen trying to sneak in every night of this region, but their attempts were in vain and we are ready for any attack.

said another soldier in a similar statement: Our mission is to deal with the terrorists from farms Khan wormwood to Drousha It will Ndharham to the last inch of Syria.

appear to the effects of the clashes between the Syrian army and the insurgents and clear the buildings of the town.

Syrian army approaching for major decisive battle in Aleppo – YouTube.

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Militants kidnap 13 more Kurds in Syria


Foreign-backed militants have kidnapped at least 13 more Kurds in the Syrian province of Aleppo, and turned them over to al-Qaeda-linked extremists.A monitoring group with close links to the militants said the 13 were captured at a roadblock in the Sfeira region of Aleppo on Sunday and were handed over to Al-Nusra Front, also known as Jabhat al-Nusra.

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Insurgent commander killed in Aleppo and the army continue to take Homs Syria

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Syrian army killed Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah, known as “Captain Hammam” one of the military leaders of Nur al-Din Brigades, the armed Zanki’s “Free Army” and one of the leaders operations room Mansoura so-called Battle of Qadisiyah.

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Insurgent commander killed in Aleppo and the army continue to take Homs Syria – YouTube.

Army cleanse areas in Rural Damascus Syria


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Syrian army took control of the Ein Issa village after the elimination of armed groups that were holed up inside, and in the Damascus army restored control of the endosperm in the Barzeh district after fierce battles with insurgents. In the meantime, a helicopter was shot down by armed groups over the village nobility Aleppo countryside was transporting teachers to conduct examinations for students of the Preparatory certificate.

Syrian army engaged in fierce battles against armed groups Brive capital, Damascus, amid significant progress to its military units in other Syrian cities.
Official sources confirmed Syrian forces control the area of ​​Ain Issa in tenderness after the elimination of militants Front victory that resides heavily in this civil.
He said one of the elements of the Syrian army to World News Channel correspondent: “We want to continue military operations to eliminate all terrorist groups on the ground, the Syrian military operations on the ground experiencing excellent progress.”
Syrian forces stepped up its military campaign in the old neighborhoods of Homs Khalidiya, where the army has tightened according to the sources of local control over the number of buildings that were stationed armed groups in Bab Hood after the elimination of dozens of militants and confiscated weapons and ammunition.
In Damascus able to surprise ground troops with artillery armed groups to one of the military headquarters that were stationed inside near the of saws roundabout in Jobar.
He said one of the elements of the Syrian army to our correspondent: “I tried targeting the armed group here in the barrier Jobar, Our work ambush them and killed more than seventy insurgents.”
As well as the Syrian army and achieved according to military sources in the neighborhood of Barzeh progress, which dominated the lane endosperm, as well as the discovery of a workshop for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices, also enables the elimination of the armed group تحصنت in Harasta on the northern axis.
He said one of the elements of the Syrian army to our correspondent: “These tunnels were used by insurgents, We controlled it and killed dozens of them, and we are moving towards forward and نلاقي the many tunnels.”
Amid this progress of Syrian troops armed groups targeted by a missile Thermal state helicopter over the city of Aleppo countryside nobility was transporting teaching staff of the Directorate of Education to conduct examinations for students of the Preparatory certificate.
In the Western powers and preoccupation the international political بالتناحر and send more arms to fight the Syrian people, preoccupied with the Syrian forces to the implementation of the primary task entrusted to them to pursue armed groups and eliminate them in all Syrian cities to maintain the unity of the country and restore stability for the whole of the Syrians.

Saudi and Moroccan insurgents killed in Aleppo Syria

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In a busy time when the international forces to develop a specific formula lead to a political consensus through Geneva -2 despite differences, the language of arms are still topping the scene on the Syrian arena.
In Damascus, the northern Syrian army was able to impose a military collar at the entrances to the neighborhood of Barzeh and Kaboun inspired November, clashes are concentrated in orchards and Barzeh slums of the country. 
In a surprise attack was carried out by elements Meng military airport protection against insurgents based inside a building south of the airport Agricultural Research Aleppo countryside, killing dozens of insurgents, including Abu Laith Morocco and Abu Jandal Saudi Arabia.
“The only way to end the conflict on Syrian territory is in a political solution” is best known for the year through adult conferences aimed at resolving the crisis are told the Syrians, but in essence there working on the continuation of the cycle of violence through increased armament.
The aide said Syrian Information Minister behind the key to channel world news Wednesday: talk about the political track in light of the escalation, and to provide the opposition with arms reflects the fact that the essence of the American position, which does not want a political solution, but wants more blood and murder, and the introduction of the region and not Syria only in the furnace of a bloody conflict.
Iran is the key fulcrum is no disagreement around two at the Geneva Conference, though some work to write off its regional role.
He said the country Syrian Mufti Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun world news channel: We now insist on the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran also insist on the presence of some Arab countries that arming these terrorists, saying that Iran is the center of world peace.
A conviction was formed in the general Syrians that talk about a political solution to the Syrian crisis did not go beyond media statements in light of the insistence of some to send more weapons to the interior of Syria. 
interview still raised the effect that the war will continue until changed the equation on the ground, at least this is what is understood from statements opponents of the regime in Syria.

via Saudi and Moroccan insurgents killed in Aleppo Syria – YouTube.