Al-Nushra Front to”Avenge East Gouta Blood “on Villages and civilians in Syria


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Al-nushra front has threatened to raid village by village killing the civilians in a revenge against accused syrian chemical attack in East Gouta
Front leader Abu Mohammed Joulani in an audio recording posted on the site “YouTube”, and “Twitter,” for what he called “a series of invasions of an eye for an eye.”

Joulani claimed that Syrian forces used chemical rockets in East Gouta, and claimed that the Syrian state has done so after taking the green light from the international system common to the crime, so he said.

He promised to “avenge for East Gouta blood, which is a religion in the necks of every Mujahid,” and said “we proceeded to punish Similarly, announced a series of attacks dubbed” an eye for an eye “on villages” Nusayris “.
Joulani indicated that each missile fell on the people of Syria will pay for it from the village villages “Nusayris”, in addition to the thousand another missile monitoring Metzam the armed group.
The Syrian government has accused the armed groups of using chemical weapons, and agreed with the United Nations to allow international inspectors to investigate allegations of insurgents, so as to detect false claims. watch video


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