Cairo Egypt Mosque under siege


The’March of Anger’ has resulted in almost 100 deaths and numerous injuries. Hundreds have taken refuge in mosques overnight to avoid confrontations with Egyptian police. The Muslim Brotherhood has called for week-long action amid the crackdown.

An estimated 1500 people trapped inside Al Fath mosque in Cairo’s Ramses Square have asked for “a safe exit” at the end of the curfew which finishes at 7am local time.

Security forces besieged Al Fath mosque at the end the “Friday of Anger” protests. Security officials claimed that “armed elements” were “shooting security forces and police from inside the mosque,” MENA reported. However, activists say the army was attacking them.

The head of the Doctors’ Syndicate told Ahram Online that 1500 protesters and 31 doctors have asked for a safety corridor, after earlier reports indicated that people inside the mosque were fearing for their lives. Around 70 people are believed to be injured inside the building. Watch Video


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