Syrian army approaching for major decisive battle in Aleppo – YouTube

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Media sources confirmed that the Syrian army approached the major decisive battle in Aleppo, as addressed by the army in Damascus attempts to infiltration of militants from the Khan el-Sheikh groves towards the town of Drousha.

And continue the Syrian army military operations around the countryside south-west of the capital Damascus, which extends from the Lebanese border to the city of cladding.

has toured camera channel world news in the town of Drousha in Damascus and controlled by the Syrian army, having cleaned of armed groups who have fled towards the orchards Khan Wormwood.

said colonel in the Syrian army who was with our correspondent: that this axis is the axis of movement of a major armed and up between sectors, palaces and other areas parallel here that are Darkhbayh extended toward the cladding and that our response to the terrorist elements here spare them the link between these two axes and led to the cessation of supplies them and destroy them completely.

has approached the team channel world news to the demarcation lines first with insurgents in the orchards surrounding this town and stretching towards the town of Khan wormwood as insurgents try every day sneak around the town and the edge of the capital, Damascus,

said Syrian troops with our correspondent: the gunmen trying to sneak in every night of this region, but their attempts were in vain and we are ready for any attack.

said another soldier in a similar statement: Our mission is to deal with the terrorists from farms Khan wormwood to Drousha It will Ndharham to the last inch of Syria.

appear to the effects of the clashes between the Syrian army and the insurgents and clear the buildings of the town.

Syrian army approaching for major decisive battle in Aleppo – YouTube.

via Syrian army approaching for major decisive battle in Aleppo – YouTube.


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