Fighting raging on in Jobar suburb of Damascus Syria


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Here is Jobar — the scene of the most ferocious clashes in suburb of Syria’s capital Damascus. Press TV team headed to the frontline of the battle there where heavy fighting is taking place on a daily basis. Through the deserted factories, we reached the line that separates the army and insurgents. Here the army’s strategy and plans are implemented on ground.

This is the Syrian army’s main command center in Jobar. The army commanders are directing troops on ground in operations to push back foreign-backed militants who are trying to infiltrate into Damascus from Jobar.

Troops on the ground are controlled from a high building by the colonels in charge of the tanks and the infantry. Those Army colonels located the militants hiding in a building only 20 meters away from the command center. Orders to strike and then the battle flares up.

The are home to factories, which is witnessing the confrontations is strategic for both sides as it separates Jobar from al-Abbasiyeen square and the city center. Syrian soldiers said they would never allow insurgents cross this line.

If the army had not imposed this particular security belt, militants would have entered deeper into Damascus, as the main aim for them is to occupy Jobar to prepare ground for more gains. The once-calm residential parts of Damascus including this one have now literary become a warzone. Both sides of the conflict are striving to win the battle that many see as a determining factor for whole Middle East region

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