Syrian army launching operation to clear key area near Damascus – YouTube

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The safety of Damascus makes it easy to forget how close the danger is to the Syrian capital.

These soldiers are stationed in Qabun area near Al-Abasyeen square— one of the main squares of Damascus that insurgents repeatedly tried to take. The last of these attempts was earlier this week on Saturday when insurgents attacked from Jobar hoping to take one of the main landmarks of Damascus.

Into the darkness of this deserted factory Syrian infantry are advancing, fully aware of the danger lurking behind every door.

With every meter they advance the soldiers push foreign back insurgents away from their capital in a battle that they will spare no effort to win.

These soldiers are providing coverage for their comrades as they advance more into the industrial zone of Al-Qabun, and the building that was once a shopping mall is now the hideout of militants and the target of Syrian army shells.

Many see this operation as a failure for the Syrian Army for allowing the insurgents to be this close to Damascus but for others it shows how desperate the insurgents must be to carry out an attack that can be called suicidal.

Insurgents attacked Damascus in an attempt to end the siege imposed on them by the Syrian Army but the army not only stopped the insurgents from attacking Damascus but is now launching a counter attack on them.

Watch video..

Syrian army launching operation to clear key area near Damascus – YouTube.



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