‘Syrian refugees pose threat to Lebanon security’ +video

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click to watch video

After a series of bombings that hit Lebanon, many politicians consider hosting Syrian refugees as a threat to the country’s security.

Lebanese caretaker minister of Interior Marwan Charbel has said the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has reached one-point-two million. This as Marada Movement Leader MP Sleiman Franjieh has confirmed that 50,000 of these Syrians came in with arms.

Although many Syrians have fled the devastating living conditions in Syria seeking a safe haven, some are believed to have entered with an agenda to sabotage Lebanon.

While the Lebanese government claims to be monitoring areas where refugees are staying to prevent terrorist plots, experts find it necessary to control the Lebanese-Syrian border and build refugee camps to contain the deteriorating security situation.

Analysts however find the Lebanese government to be the weakest player on the regional political arena due to internal political divisions.

Fear of explosions and tension prevails among the Lebanese and Syrians living in Lebanon, as there is general agreement that the situation in Damascus directly impacts politics in neighboring Beirut.

Despite the worsening security situation due to the Syrian conflict spillover, the Lebanese government has to distinguish between Syrian refugees who are seeking a safe haven and those who are entering Lebanon on political missions.

Watch video.

‘Syrian refugees pose threat to Lebanon security’ – YouTube.


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