US Congress calls for sanctions against Argentina over growing ties with Iran +video

click to watch video

click to watch video

Lito Borello has a deep, interesting political history of battling imperialist moves in Argentina.

A former Coordinator of Urban Policies in the City of Buenos Aires and current head of the social and political organization “Los Pibes” -aligned with the administration of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner-, Lito Borello defines the recent move by the United States Congress calling for sanctions against Argentina over its increasing ties with Iran “a new threat of Washington” against countries’ sovereign decisions.

It sounds startling that in the 21st century Congressmen of the United States could urge State Secretary John Kerry and Attorney General Eric Holder to punish the South American country due to a decision they have found “extremely troubling”.

But yet it is true and there it is a foreign power condemning the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Buenos Aires and Tehran to jointly investigate the 1994 attack of the AMIA Jewish community center in Argentina’s capital city.

The Congress of Argentina signed into law the MoU earlier this year with lawmakers considering the AMIA case has been stained by corruption from the very beginning.

The local government has made yet no official comments on the sanctions pledge probably because President Kirchner has repeatedly insisted that Argentina’s “only commitment is with the Argentinean victims of the AMIA tragedy”.

Following mounting pressure by the U-S, local Zionist lobbies are seeking to hinder Argentina-Iran efforts to probe the AMIA issue. The pro-Israel Special prosecutor in charge of the case Alberto Nisman has also accused Iran of infiltrating the Latin American region.

Watch video.

US Congress calls for sanctions against Argentina over growing ties with Iran – YouTube.


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