Bin Laden(nickname) killed with a number of militants in Deir al-Zour Syria


A correspondent world news channel found numbers of insurgents killed in Deir al-Zour, including a Pied Piper “victory Front” al Qaeda-linked terrorist nicknamed “Bin Laden.”

The agency SANA said Metzam “Front victory” zones Ma’daan antique adoptions Ahmed and a number of militants were killed Bagttal on the sharing of stolen goods.
explained that in the regions of Ma’daan antique adoptions broke fighting between gunmen today following a dispute over the sharing of funds coming from abroad and stolen looted the property of citizens in hand adoptions in Deir ez-Zor, killing Metzam Front victory and others.
According to an official source that the fighting which used various types of machine guns and bombs offensive led to the downfall of most of the terrorists dead and the destruction of their weapons and ammunition.
source added that the main terrorists who were killed during the fighting Metzam front The victory in the regions of Ma’daan antique adoptions Ahmad السخني nicknamed “Bin Laden.”
In the city of fields landed dozens of terrorists Front victory killed during the fighting took place between armed group led by Abu Mohammed Joulani and a group led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi result of disagreement over the sharing of stolen robbed them of public property and special.
In another context, fighting broke out between the two armed groups each from the front of the victory after a dispute between their personnel on the sharing of money stolen and looted the property of the citizens and state institutions in the city Mohassan Brive Deir al-Zour last night.

watch video.


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