Investigators assert new evidence on crash of TWA flight 800


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17 years after TWA flight number 800 went down in the waters outside of New York City, a group of investigators now say what we know about the failed flight is far from the truth.

Flight 800 was scheduled for a New York-to-Paris flight on July 17th, 1996. Minutes after takeoff from JFK Airport the plane caught fire and crashed killing all 230 people on board. The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, said static electricity ignited fuel fumes outside of a poorly designed fuel tank that led to the explosion. However, skeptics said they didn’t believe it.

And now new revelations may support once-thought to be only conspiracy theorist claims. A handful of aviation experts, including a number of investigators who were part of the original probe of Flight 800 are releasing a documentary saying that evidence indicates a missile caused the plane crash off the coast of Long Island.

The group is made up of people who worked for the National Transportation Safety Board, TWA and the Airline Pilots Association, all of whom have since retired. All six say that the evidence shows the plane was brought down by a projectile traveling at a high speed.

Those investigators say many witnesses’ statements about the crash have been ignored.
Some have theorized that one of the reasons the crash results were covered up is to perpetuate the US’ military industrial complex. The M.I.C. as some have called it is a powerful force that is hard to stop or control according to some experts.

Investigators have filed a formal petition to reopen the probe into what happened to TWA Flight 800. The documentary is set to air on July 17th on the anniversary of the crash.

Watch Video.


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