Venezuela detains Colombian “assassins”


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Laura Blanco, a who moved to Venezuela in search of a better life, is one of 4 million Colombians who did the same during Hugo Chavez’s presidency.

Laura loves her life in Venezuela, but while social relations between the self-titled “brother countries” continue to be friendly, the tensions on a political level remain as difficult as ever.

Earlier this week nine Colombian paramilitaries, armed with Russian AK-47s, shotguns and grenades, were arrested on their way to Caracas by Venezuelan authorities.

The fighters are accused of planning to assassinate President Maduro.

This is the latest event in what President Maduro has described as Colombia’s “dirty war” being waged against his government.

Colombia’s government has offered no comment, and the Colombian embassy in Caracas refused to speak to PRESS TV.

Colombia was quick to recognise President Maduro following his disputed win in April’s election, with President Juan Manuel Santos present at his inauguration.

Yet the formal reception of Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles in Bogot last month was described by Maduro as a “knife in the back”.

The opposition leader is a thorn in Maduro’s side, claiming the new president is illegitimate, and his reception in Bogota has caused a series of backlashes.

The most prominent of these was the removal of Venezuela’s intermediary diplomat at the Colombian government’s negotiations with the FARC terrorist group.

Despite the ongoing tensions, President Maduro has expressed his desire to “rebuild” ties with his neighboring nation.

Relations between Colombia and Venezuela remain as strained as ever. Yet President Maduro built very strong ties with Colombia during his six years as foreign minister under Hugo Chavez: a demonstration of diplomacy which offers hope for a future relaxing of tension on the South American political scene.

Watch video.


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