Arizona MadMan John McCain Pleads For A NO FLY ZONE In Syria


Click to watch video

 Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham said President Barack Obama should establish a no-fly zone to opponents of Bashar al-Assad. “This isn’t just a bunch of demonstrators being beaten up. This a regional conflict. It spilled over … Jordan is destabilized, Lebanon is about to erupt into sectarian violence, Jihadist’s are falling in from all over the Middle East. This is erupting,” McCain said on CNN and CSPAN,

McCain has called for creating a no fly zone and arming Jihadist since his secret meetings with Rebel kidnappers weeks ago.John McCain Receives more campaign contributions from AIPAC(Israeli lobby), then any other US senator except Joe Leiberman,and most of McCains Foreign policy revolves around what’s best for Israel,often times more then Whats best for America.

Weeks ago McCain made a secret illegal visit to Syrian criminals,that was set up and funded by an Aipac affiliated lobby group from Boca Raton Florida.

Watch Video.


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