The Mystery Of Syrian Air Flight 602


Click to watch video

 NOW Reported Every other day for at least the past month, SyrianAir flight number 602 departs from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the middle of the night. It’s not listed on the airport’s departures board, nor could any of the half-dozen travel agents that NOW contacted book an interested passenger a seat.

Seems the flight is a hush hush matter because Most Travel agents are unable to even find a record of the flight that Leaves Jeddah Saudi Arabia and its destination is not clear.The flight was first noticed on a month ago Leaving Jeddah in the middle of the night heading north and disappearing near the Jordanian Border. According to’s FAQ section explains that “in most cases, the reason [a flight seems to disappear] is that the coverage from the surrounding receivers has been lost. It can also be a technical problem somewhere.”

NOW also reports the Syrian Air rep in Beirut stated ‘i am sorry,there is no flight 602,after attempts to book a seat.NOW Then contacted the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia last month.There Spokesman at first was very helpful when NOW asked for details about the flight,but then became very secretive and has avoided more discussion about the flight.Many more attempts through Syrian Air Reps and Travel agents are still unresolved.

Could this be a secret flight taking Foreign Jihadist to Syria? Hard to say For sure,but definitely There is Mystery surrounding this flight.

Watch Video of Syrian Flight.


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