Moscow police raid secret underground town


Watch video footage from raid

Moscow state police stormed a subterranean factory bunker on Tuesday housing an army of workers who appeared to run an underground clothes manufacturing plant. In these pictures provided by police, rows of sewing machines lined up in workspaces strewn with newly made clothes are clearly visible. The facility sheltered more than two hundred undocumented immigrants.

In the 200 hectare space, complete with bedrooms, communal eating space, a Turkish cafe with barbecue, cinema and poker casino, the inhabitants seemingly lived in their own world without sun. Police suspect that the migrant workers lived and worked below ground permanently, with supplies secretly shuttled in by confederates on the surface.

The facility was constructed on ground formerly occupied by the Cherkizovsky market, shut down by state inspectors in 2009 for multiple breaches of fire and sanitary safety regulations. Famous for some time as the nation’s largest market, Cherkizovsky stood in over 200 hectares of land outside Moscow.

The state police of Moscow Oblast have recently conducted several operations against gangs suspected of smuggling undocumented immigrants, with a raid in the area last week leading to detention of 952 people. Most of the people caught up in the investigation have proven to hail from former Soviet republics in Asia, including Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.



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