Almost 100 acres of Palestinian land confiscated by the Israeli army.


Click to watch video.

The Israeli government announced its decision to illegally confiscate 91.42 Acres of Palestinian lands in the East of Nablus.

The military orders were issued to the Palestinian municipalities in the villages of Awarta and Rujeib in order to annex the land to the illegal Israeli settlement of Itimar.

The head of the village council stated that this is part of Israel’s ongoing policy of Palestinian land confiscation and Israel has managed to bypass the law by claiming the land for military purposes.

The villagers of Awarta stated that they have continued to suffer from the relentless confiscation of their land.

The village of Awarta has been under siege and subjected to constant military raids by the Israeli army for 18 months. The villagers have been subjected to collective punishment following the murder of a settler family from the nearby Ithimar settlement in March 2011, which lead to the arrest of two Palestinian teenagers, although no evidence has as of yet proved them guilty.

This village has remained under siege since 2011. The villagers of Awarta have been a clear target of collective punishment and land confiscation which is strictly prohibited under the fourth Geneva convention.

Watch video.


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