McCain-militants meeting sparks controversy in Lebanon


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US Senator John McCain posing alongside insurgents in Syria!During his recent illegal trip to Syria from Turkey’s “Bab Al-Salameh” border crossing, Senator McCain met with militants that he described as quote “brave fighters who need our help”.

However, two of the insurgents McCain shared his photo op with were identified by freed Lebanese hostages to be members of the notorious – “Northern-Storm Brigade” – a group implicated over the abduction of nine Lebanese Shia pilgrims more than a year ago.

According to McCain’s spokesman Brian Rogers, the Senator was unaware with whom he was posing.

Nonetheless the families of the abducted pilgrims and Human Rights proponents say it’s very unlikely that the high-ranking American official was unaware, as he claimed.

Some reports have come out stating that the Senator met with the kidnappers to halt the release of all or some of the abductees, accusing them of affiliation to the Lebanese Resistance Movement, Hezbollah.”

Senator McCain has often criticized US President “Barack Obama” for failing to provide military aid for Takfiri exremists fighting the Syrian government.

During his recent illegal entry into Syria, the senior US lawmaker met with top commanders of the foreign-backed militants.

According to the Los Angeles Times the insurgents called on the US Senator to provide them with “heavy weapons, set up a no-fly zone in Syria, and conduct airstrikes against the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah”.

Observers have interpreted the US official’s visit as another example of double-standards practiced by the United States; doubting its intentions of working out a political solution in Syria.

Senator Mccain, who has been an outspoken supporter of armed terrorist groups in Syria has justified his meeting with the kidnappers of the 9 Lebanese pilgrims by claiming he was unaware of the identity of those he was visiting. The families of the pilgrims however have labeled these claims as absurd while stressing that the American lawmaker’s link to the kidnappers is a scandal by all means.


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