Syrian army kills Farouk battalion Commander Bilal Idris in the Short


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RT Reported that After heavy bombardment by the Syrian Airforce Near towns of hamidieh and Arjun and Illah. Farouk Battalion Commander Bilal Idris was Killed including a large number of his forces,which numbers estimate up to 100.

Reported correspondent “Russia Today” from Homs Since hours on Sunday morning, May 26 launched air force Syrian countryside short western bombardment violent villages hamidieh and Arjun and Illah, announced the Syrian army in the sixth hour Damascus time for the extension of its control over village hamidieh. As for the city itself, the correspondent said Air Force launched heavy bombardment on several axes resulted, according to a military source, the death of the commander of the so-called “Farouk Battalion” Bilal Idris with members of his group that the number was estimated at 100 fighters. Source: “Russia Today” :روسيا اليوم

Watch Video.


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