Palestinians accuse Israel of trying to poison Gazan patients


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The ministry of health in Gaza has accused Tel-Aviv of trying to poison Gazan patients.

Officials said Israel, the sole provider for nitrous oxide gas used for anesthesia in the Gaza Strip’s operating rooms, has provided them with carbon dioxide gas posing as nitrous oxide. Four patients suffered cardiac arrest after inhaling carbon dioxide.

Nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen is given to patients to ease the pain and induce sleep prior to surgeries. According to experts replacing nitrous oxide with carbon dioxide causes cardiac arrest and could lead to death.

According to human rights organizations hundreds of Gazans have died in past years as a direct result to the choking Israeli blockade.Al Dameer Human Rights Association called for an international investigation to probe what it described as a new Israeli crime.

Health officials said that they have suspended the use of nitrous oxide for the time being.

With the ongoing Israeli blockade and Tel-Aviv’s inhumane practices, patients in the Gaza Strip say their health situation will only get worse.


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