Twin blasts at Beirut Hezbollah stronghold injure at least 5


Two explosions in the southern part of the Lebanese capital have injured at least five people, state news reported. The attack on the Hezbollah-controlled district comes hours after the movement’s chief pledged to support the Syrian government.

The blasts came after two rockets were launched in Beirut early in the morning, witnesses said. A third rocket that launched but did not explode was found by security forces in a valley southeast of Beirut, local media report.

One of the rockets struck a car dealership, wounding Syrians who were sleeping at the shop. Another projectile hit a nearby balcony.

The rockets were fired from an area east of the neighborhood, Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel told the media. The official said the attack was an attempt to heighten tensions in the already-disturbed country.

A rocket launcher was discovered in a forested area near the town of Aitat in Aley district in the approximate area from which the rockets were likely fired, local media reported.

Voice of Lebanon radio (LBCI) said the rockets came from a Grad multiple rocket launcher. The report says the projectiles were 107mm caliber, while the Soviet-made BM-21 Grad is 122mm. The Chinese-made Type 63, which has a towed launcher as opposed to Grad’s truck-mounted one, is 107mm.

Watch Video.


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