Syrian army continues mop-up operation in Qusayr


These Syrian soldiers are entering the unknown, walking into the edge of the northern quarter of Qusair city, this unit is carrying out a limited mission as part of the second stage of the Syrian military operation in Al-Qusair.

The second phase involves a variety of tactics to minimize human losses among Syrian soldiers according a Syrian military source. The Syrian command doesn’t want to push everything it has into the battle right now so while some attack, others wait.

Into one of the strategic points in Qusair, The agricultural bank that was used by insurgents to attack army checkpoints before the Syrian Army liberate it and use it as stationing point.

We are on the roof of the Agricultural Bank which is one of the points which the Syrian Army is using to regroup before launching a second phase of its operation inside al-Qusair city.

Before the military operation started insurgents tried to take the point repeatedly but with no success.

The point that was under attack is now the base where the Syrian army is mounting attacks on insurgents’ strongholds and was essential in the military efforts to secure the eastern quarter of the city.

The insurgents have been trying to take this point from us for more than 14 months we stopped them even when they used a car bomb that we destroyed and you can see it from here.

We are using street warfare tactics and have advanced on more than one axis but some of them unannounced, we are using artillery to hit there incoming and outgoing forces meaning those who try to come and assist and those trying to flee.

From another look out for the Syrian army , distant flags show how much the Syrian armed forces have advanced since their operations in Qusair started. However, the city isn’t completely under army’s control : the northern quarter is still with the insurgents . As we approach that neighborhood one of the soldiers is hit by a sniper. A reminder of the danger lurking behind every corner in Al-Qusair ..


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