Syria army Continue advances on Qusayr city


Getting to al-Qusayr city is not easy these days, roads have to be chosen wisely; one wrong turn, and you might end up in the wrong place; but as we approach what is now considered a vital intersection in Syria’s geography and daily fighting, signs of battles that took place before becomes more and more evident.

After the scenes of destruction, the sounds of fierce clashes begin and a side road has to be used to avoid the clashes. A dusty and bumpy road; but not as difficult as the clashes taking place inside the city.

This is the main entrance of al-Qusayr city we are at the main square leading into al-Qusayr city we are standing here with the Syrian army as they are approaching more and more the city center

The Syrian army is securing the city street by street and stationing units as they go in, but the biggest challenge is the snipers. The insurgents sharp shooters are making running and ducking an essential life skill to survive in Al-Qusair.

However, the Syrian army has found more innovative ways to avoid the snipers, making ditches and covering them with whatever they could put their hands on.

The clashes become more and more intense as we get closer to insurgents. Here every street you cross needs fire coverage from Syrian troops and when this fails the tanks come in.

Finally we are at the schools complex, a group of adjacent school buildings that have become the new frontline in the fight over al-Qusayr.

This is the schools’ complex which was one of the strongest points inside al-Qusayr as the Syrian Army is advancing, it managed to seize the building and they are advancing more right now.


3 thoughts on “Syria army Continue advances on Qusayr city

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