Syrian army advances in key areas near Idlib


The Syrian army has made considerable advancement in its recent operations, taking control of key strategic areas in different parts of the country.
Army soldiers clashed with terrorist groups near northwestern province of Idlib, during which several militants were killed and the strategic district of Tal Salmo was freed from the hands of armed groups, al-Alam correspondent reported on Saturday.

By pushing back the militants from Tal Salmo, the army has tightened its siege on Bait Sahm which dominates key areas near the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to the reports, Bait Sahm is where militants have stocked a large amount of arms and ammunition and armed groups fighting in close areas get their arms from Bait Sahm.

Syrian troops have entered the town of al-Qusayr in Homs province near the border with Lebanon, following weeks of battle.

Clashes have been reported between Syrian army forces and militants in several districts across al-Qusayr. The army says it is making gains in its efforts to clear the area of terrorists.

The strategic town, which connects the capital city of Damascus to the Mediterranean coast, has been the focus of fierce clashes in recent weeks.


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