US nuclear plant to operate with expired license


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This fall, for the first time ever, a nuclear plant in the United States could operate without a license and there’s little that anyone can do about it.

The Indian Point Power Plant located just 38 miles north of New York City was commissioned in the mid-seventies. One of two reactors at the nuclear plant will soon be operating with an expired license because of a complicated procedure for license renewals.

And the Indian Point Power Plant has received lots of publicity because it is so closely located to New York’s dense population. Environmental groups plan to release their own safety reports on Indian Point with safety as a main concern.

Activists have been trying to get the plant closed for years. They say Indian Point’s evacuation plan is inadequate and owner Entergy Corp. needs to do more to safeguard spent nuclear fuel.
However, experts say they don’t think Indian point is headed for a nuclear meltdown.

Yet still, those who study the developments surrounding the power plant say Americans should be concerned about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s quality control check ups on the power plant’s reactor.

The license on Indian Point 2?s reactor expires on September 28th. It will be one year before a decision is reached whether it will be extended for another 20 years.


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