Scientists working on earthquake forecasting systems


Hundreds of lives have been claimed by earthquakes across the work so far this year. Over fifty tremors of magnitude of 6 and above have destroyed homes and livelihoods around the world. China has seen one of the worst earthquakes in April in which nearly 200 people were killed alone China is racing against time to develop forecasting systems.

In order to predict earthquakes accurately scientists need to know about past earthquakes because they tend to happen in the same area. In Russia, seismic records have only existed for 60 years and experts have to use all available technologies.

Experts say that while the latest technology may be costly, the lives and property it can save is priceless. Countries around the world share the latest technologies in seismic research.

It is also possible to collect seismic data from space but it tends to be studied after the tremor. While it isn’t easy to monitor the whole planet but if governments find funding, earthquakes could be forecasted using data collected from space.

A lot of work is done to improve and develop earthquake forecasting systems to reduce time it takes for the signal to reach and warn people of coming danger. International research and joint projects monitor changes in seismic activity around the world. This could prevent damage caused by particularly dangerous earthquakes.


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