UN Golan peacekeepers still in militant custody


The four UN Peacekeepers that were abducted on Tuesday remain unharmed according to a UN Peacekeeping spokesperson.

Negotiations to free the men all four of whom are Filipino are underway and the UN Secretary-General has condemned the incident.

The UN confirms that the foreign backed insurgents fighting the Syrian army are behind the abduction and it’s not the first time they’ve harassed UN Peacekeepers in the Golan.

It was back in March that the Yarmouk Brigades took 21 UN Peacekeepers prisoner being forced to release them after four days.

The Secretary-General issued a statement on Tuesday calling on QUOTE UNQUOTE-all parties to respect UNDOF’s freedom of movement and safety and security.”

Now the Secretary-General’s spokesman Martin Nesirky was asked how the UN is dealing with the situation on the ground.
Nesirky said that UNDOF’s mandate would be served but that forces had been pulled from the area.

The UN Security Council has also issued a press statement condemning the kidnapping one that named the Syrian Opposition specifically but this month’s Council President says the top U-N body needs to be briefed.

The kidnappings by the insurgents in Syria mark the latest in a series of gaffes that have created difficulty for their Western sponsors.

The militant group Al-Nusra has publicly allied itself with terrorist organization Al Qaeda and an independent UN investigator on Monday said that militants had possibly used chemical weapons.



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