Israel preparing to wage new war on Gaza?

The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine says Israel is getting ready to wage another war on Gaza. The Group also said that its military wing, the Al-Quds Brigades, has been carrying out military drills to prepare its fighters for such scenario.

In November 2012, Tel-Aviv launched the so-called Operation Pillar of Defense against the blockaded Gaza Strip to allegedly stop rocket fire. The eight-day onslaught killed over 170 Palestinians, including women and children.

A previous Israeli war at the turn of 2009 killed at least 1400 Gazans. Israeli forces continued to attack the people of Gaza on almost a daily basis despite the Egyptian mediated ceasefire which ended the eight-day war. Now Gazans say they expect the worst as the world keeps turning a blind eye to Israeli aggressions.

Israel used similar warmongering rhetoric before its last two attacks on Gaza. Analysts say Israeli forces are issuing threats as scare tactics against Palestinians to stop them from resisting Israeli aggressions.

Although the last Israeli onslaughts have faded from the headlines, their destruction continues to bear witness to the horrors the people of Gaza have endured. Many here have been bracing themselves for another war, as Tel-Aviv continues to make threats against the blockaded coastal enclave.

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2 thoughts on “Israel preparing to wage new war on Gaza?

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