Israel orders new demolition in Dier Nidham


Israeli forces raided the village of Dier Nidham in the North of Ramallah at 2am. They issued eleven demolition orders for Palestinian houses in the area, which, if carried out, will leave at least forty of the residents homeless.

The forces issued demolition orders to Ahmad Tamimi, his sons Abdul-Raziq, Hasan and Mahmoud, and their cousins Kafour, Abdul-Hafizh, Salih, Mustafa and Haitham Tamimi.

The residents showed Press TV the demolition orders and explained that the Israeli Authorities have been demolishing houses in the area since 1996.

He further stated that they are targeted by violent acts from the settlers.

The residents clearly expressed their anger at the recent demolition orders.

When soldiers entered the village, the residents attempted to defend their homes, throwing stones and creating road blocks. However Israeli forces attacked them using tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets.

All of the homes which are under demolition orders are located next to the illegal Israeli settlement Hallamish and the majority of them were built before the settlement was established.

Settlements remain illegal under international law and the fourth Geneva Convention. Countries that support Palestine at the UN General Assembly have said that Israel is ruining any possible solution of a peace deal by continuing to establish these settlements.

The residents said they will not leave their land, despite receiving constant threats of demolition and being targets of physical violence from the settlers living nearby. They also called on international human rights groups to support them and exert pressure on Israel to cease settlement expansion.


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