United Nations reacts to Israeli aggression against Syria


Israeli warheads hammered a research facility near Damascus twice this weekend — killing dozens of Syrian soldiers while more than a hundred are missing.

At the UN on Monday — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s office responded with concern.

Israel has neither confirmed or denied the attacks — and the UN statement of concern does not serve as a condemnation. Nesirky said the UN wasn’t in a position to verify the attacks — but dozens of reports quote numerous Israeli officials explaining the hits.

Syrian officials have referred to the airstrikes as acts of war — and a letter from the Syrian government to the UN Security Council calls for the body to shoulder its responsibilities and stop Israeli aggression.

Now in other news — an independent UN investigator on Monday said that victims and witnesses are telling her that chemical weapons have been used in Syria — by the foreign-backed Opposition.”

Secretary-General Ban’s office reacted to that as well — issuing a statement that backtracked a bit from Del Ponte’s statement.

Nesirky went on to say that Del Ponte’s inquiry answers to the UN Human Rights Council — and is no way connected to the technical investigation team appointed by the Secretary-General — which is still trying to gain access to Syria.

Whether the two investigations can or will ever share information — however — is not known



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