New report questions Israel’s claim of “divine right”


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The very notion of ‘divine right’ has been something that has underpinned Zionism even before the Nakba or catastrophe 65 years ago when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled or fled during the 19-48 war. Now a new report by the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland has ignited a firestorm in its most recent publication looking to address the ongoing Palestinian humanitarian crisis.

Reverend Dr Stephen Sizer has written extensively on the issue of Christian Zionism.

The Church of Scotland report acknowledges that the idea of misinterpreted biblical prophesy combined with norms of European colonialism lead to the Balfour Declaration in 1917 when the British government agreed to QUOTE a ‘Jewish homeland’ in Palestine and the origins of the current crisis in the region. The research by the church is being seen as significant for a number of reasons.

Such is the controversy surrounding the report by the CoS that even before the document can be presented to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland for debate and discussion there have already been negative counter arguments by those who are unhappy – or unwilling – according to critics, to change the status quo.

This attempt to block any discussion of the ‘divine right’ argument might be counterproductive as Dr Sizer explains.

The Church of Scotland’s report is the latest in a line of papers from various religious groups adding their voices to the call for justice for the Palestinians. It is hoped that by challenging the very foundations of Israel’s claims to the land of the Palestinians, a solution to the crisis in the region can be arrived at sooner, rather than later.


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