Russian Passenger Plane Attacked In Syria Airspace


Targeting Russian passenger plane in Syrian airspace

The news agency quoted “Interfax” a source familiar with the Russian Russian
passenger plane was attacked in Syrian airspace Besaruchi the “Land – Joe”, but it did not hurt. The source confirmed on April 29 / April to the Syrian side informed the Russian authorities that two missiles of the type “Land – Joe” launched to the plane of the Russian company and exploded near them, and that the crew was able to change the line of its progress, and enforcement of the lives of the passengers. The source added that preliminary information indicates that the rockets were launched in the form of deliberate, but it is not yet known whether the attackers knew that the Russian plane. The source pointed out that the number of passengers on board passes away at 200, mostly tourists, were on their way back from an Egyptian resorts. The news agency quoted “ITAR – TASS” Russian for the Russian Federal Aviation Authority said the plane was attacked by returning to the company “Nord Winds” Russian. The Commission stated that the targeted plane in Syrian airspace during its journey from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to the city of Kazan in the Russian republic of Tatarstan. The agency quoted the source as saying that the members of the crew noticed the combat operations, “was, in their opinion, threatening the security of the plane.” The source added that the plane arrived in Kazan at the scheduled time. :روسيا اليوم


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