UK starts drone attacks from home soil

The City of Lincoln in the north of England. Scenic. Suburban. And suddenly a hub for Britain’s war on terror.

This week the government announced that it’s now conducting drone attacks on Afghanistan from the base behind me – RAF Waddington – where 100 personnel are manning the hi-tech reaper drones carrying 500lb bombs and hellfire missiles.

In response to the move, hundreds of anti-war demonstrators have marched through the city to the army site.

Drone Expert Chris Coles agrees – that Britain is expanding its drone project – with the help of its friends.

The government defends drones. It says they save lives. It will only admit to one civilian killing. But reality on the ground speaks differently.
UK insists its operations are only in Afghanistan – where British drones have flown about 45,000 hours and fired about 350 times.
But Britain’s strongest Ally – America – has rapidly increased its use of drones in Pakistan and Yemen, where civilian casualties are increasing.
And demonstrators here say Britain could be involved in these hidden wars they say are being fought behind British people’s backs.
In January the UN formally launched an investigation in to the use of drones. They are becoming the weapon of choice to wage war – and slip under the radar. Meaning in countries Britain, the true consequences of attacks being navigated from here, may never be known.

watch video :


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